Probably you think that December is the best month of the year, Christmas atmosphere! Yes, it’s true (outside in the streets but not in my dorm), we are having a great time while preparing for final examinations (it feels like I started the program yesterday, indeed the time flies so fast).

We had already our first exam (explosions and some of my classmates had turbulence) the next upcoming two week’s we have five more exams (well for me its five, concrete exam is one, and steel is another one). Remember my blog about equilibrium equation?! Well, still working on it (and I just realized that sleep is not a part of it :P).  I do believe that we will do great, we are working hard and surprisingly we are kind of enjoying this last year rush of exams. I like the synergy and collaboration among us (IMFSE) but with the local students as well, we are organizing “discussion” evenings and having time together 🙂

Untitled-1Exams time (the study-room at Ines dormitory is literally my new house)



Fire dynamics exam preparation (everyday panorama :P)

Two of my classmates had their birthdays, Giorgos and Gerard (G2) so we had to organize a small surprise “party” (even why we know exams are their favorite gift :P). The theme of Giorgos cake was “turbulence” (his birthday was one day before his turbulence exam!) so instead of candles we placed some eatable sticks in disperse configuration and he had to choose, eating them or “burn” them, we already know from the Lab report in fire dynamics what happens if you burn disperse material (Gerard has as well explain it in one of his blogs), Giorgos smart choice was for sure eating them (thankfully, I was starving :P).

124891767_10213249459864971_865829952_n Happy birthday Giorgo! (this is the second gift haha)

Gerard birthday cake’s theme was the study and discussion of the candle flame (since on Monday we will have fire dynamics exam), we thought we should use our “free” time effectively and no beers until 19th of December (that’s why Balsa is happy with Coca-Cola).

24898977_10213251684360582_478523471_n 24992094_10213251684400583_2044303547_n Gerard’s surprise party
(Finally, Balsa is not going to complain why he is not in any of my blog’s pics :P)

Good luck to everyone with the exams (Ghent crew and Edinburgh crew)!


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