International Lectures for Global Perspectives

Being in an international program is more than just exciting. You get cross-cultural experiences. You expand your network and insights. You go outside your comfort zone and expose yourself in a bigger world. Apart from having students from all over the world, IMFSE has also a wealth of international experts sharing and transferring knowledge with each other – a practice which I see as a big step towards a global integration in reaching a consensus for a fire-safe environment.

Fire is a global problem. We saw from the news about the Grenfell Tower in London and the devastating California wildfires. A month after I received my email that I got accepted to the IMFSE, a huge transmission line in a busy expressway in my country toppled because of a fire in its base. All of these happened in 2017. As global temperature increases due to global warming, the probability of having a fire also increases and from this we can see how fire safety engineering is becoming more and more relevant and we therefore need to reinforce our knowledge of this phenomenon to make people aware of the importance of fire safety.

As part of our course in Fire Dynamics, our lecturer, dr. Tarek Beji, invited two experts from other parts of Europe to give us lectures. The first lecture was given by Prof. Thomas Rogaume from the Université de Poitiers in France last November 17, 2017. It was about thermal decomposition of solid fuels. His study focused on the development of a pyrolysis model and its experimental validation. So basically, he is burning a lot of things to make us safer from burning. Sounds cool? Probably, “sounds hot” is better. 😅🔥


Prof. Thomas Rogaume (left) and Prof. Grunde Jomaas (right)

The second one was delivered by Prof. Grunde Jomaas, the IMFSE coordinator of the University of Edinburgh in the UK, last December 1, 2017. He discussed about fire dynamics in compartments – fire growth, flashover, smoke production and ventilation. His lecture served as a really good preparation for our exam in Fire Dynamics (which I hope went well). My favorite part of his lecture although it is a really small one is about the World Trade Center which I opted not to discuss here. 😉

When I was reviewing for the exam last week, California wildfires are all over the news. I got inspired by the event, not that seeing something burns satisfies me but because knowing that what you are doing right now will make a big impact in the future. 🙂 So far, I am really enjoying and being challenged by this awesome opportunity with one of the best groups of people that I met. If you happen to meet IMFSE students and professors in the campus, you probably bumped into the hottest people in town. HAHAHA! 😁🔥


Just look at those hardworking students! 😁


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