The second year is about to start

On the 7th of September, I got to Edinburgh. The big problem of Edinburgh is the accommodation, it is really hard to find. Indeed a friend of mine is hosting me until I get a place where to stay.
Only few of IMFSE students are already here in Edinburgh, but soon everyone will be here. And almost everyone is homeless. Unfortunately we did not get the class schedule yet, hopefully it will not be as busy as the Ghent one. 
The city of Edinburgh looks really nice, now I understand why all the other students, who were here, fell in love with the city. Edinburgh is literally full of international students, since there are at least 4 different university over here. 
When all the IMFSE class is in Edinburgh, we will organize a big dinner together. So that we will finally get to know each other. Probably I will not see those first year students anymore after these three months, since I will be the whole year here in Edinburgh while they will move to Sweden. 
Yesterday there was the graduation ceremony in Ghent for the “old” students. I am sure it has been an incredible day. Congratulations to them, I wish them all the best for their future. And I really hope I will meet them again because I am sure I will miss them. 


Reunion in Brussels 

The summer is almost over. It means that our second year is about to start. For all of those who live outside of Europe, it is time to leave their home and come back over here. This is what happened the last week. David from Ecuador, Mohammed from Egypt and Max from China came to visit Andres and I in Brussels. 

We spent the whole weekend all together. On Friday night Max, David and I had dinner together, eating the Chinese noodles cooked by Max. After having dinner, we were going to the center for a beer. But on the way to the center, we stumbled across an empty basketball court with a ball that we could use. So we started playing, after 20 minutes we ended up playing against three Belgian guys and of course we won! At the end of the game, we were not able to go to a bar, our legs were hurting too much. For this reason, we decided to go back home hoping that all the pain would be gone the day after.
Of course the day after, we were not able to walk at all so we just spent some time together at night. The day after Mohammed, Andres and his girlfriend got to Brussels, so we met up all together and went for a wander in the center. 
Here are pictures of us spending time together in the main square of the city.

Last days in Brussels

The summer is almost over. Even if it has been an unusual summer to me, I had great experience thanks to the internship. This will be my last week at Promat, then I will need to get ready for Edinburgh.
In this last period, Max came to visit me here in Brussels. After all the trips and cities that he visited here in Europe, he decided to rest for a while. It has been nice to spend time with him, listening to all his trips and showing me all his pictures. Even if he is trying to make me become Asian, feeding me with noodles every few days.
Meanwhile, we (second year students) are getting to know the new students, who will be in Edinburgh with us. Hardly anyone succeeded in finding accommodation, it is being really hard for us. This is the reason why everyone planned to go to the UK few weeks before the start of the semester. Hopefully none of us will be homeless. In the worst case, someone will host us.
Fortunately, before heading to Edinburgh I will have enough free time to go back home. It will be really nice to meet all my family and friends and enjoying nice weather for a short time. I will need it, because I am going to a city where the sun hardly ever shows up.

Back in Promat

As all the nice period, my holiday came to an end. After all the nice moment that I had with my family and my friends, I came back to Brussels. Because I need to finish my internship, three weeks left.
I left Italy and it was 35 degrees Celsius. But here in Brussels the weather is not the same, it has been raining all the week. And being honest, it affected me a lot. It looks like the summer is already over. Fortunately the forecast indicated that it would be a warmer weather in the next weeks.
The internship continued as usual, and the first goals have already been reached. These remaining weeks will be really fast, because a lot of work has to be done and probably some classmates will come to visit me in Brussels. Surely, it will be nice to meet them again and talk about our summer.
At the same time, my classmate and “internship colleague” Andres is still enjoying his summer. He is traveling throughout Europe until the end of the month.
Edinburgh is getting close and all of us are looking forward to starting a new semester. First at all, all of us want to meet the new IMFSE students and try to help them the same way as the past student did with us.

Last week of holiday

 It has been almost three weeks that I am on holiday. I spent the whole holiday at home, enjoying the sunny days and time with my family.
From the 8th of August on, I will be in Brussels again for the internship. The last three weeks of my internship are left. Meanwhile I am getting ready to start the third semester in Edinburgh. Looking for accommodation in Edinburgh is not easy at all, because there is no possibility to rent university accommodation and it’s also easy to get scammed via internet. For this reason, I am moving to Edinburgh at the end of August.
During the last weekend, even if Max and his mum had issues with the documents, they managed to come to visit me in Naples. Unfortunately we have not been able to spend a lot of time together, because I am leaving on the 6th of August. I did my best to be a good guide and to show them all the nice places of my land. I took them to Naples, where we ate REAL pizza. We went to one of the oldest pizzeria’s of the city. They loved it!
We all had a really nice time together. One day he will be my guide in China (hopefully).
Here is a picture of my city.

Enjoying the summer

On the 15th of July our holiday started, finally. Andres and I will be on holiday for three weeks, because Promat company will be closed. At the end of the holiday, we need to go back to Brussels for the last 3 weeks of our internship. Andres will have those three weeks in September, because he will be traveling during August. While I will have those three weeks in August, because at the beginning of September I will move to Edinburgh. It means that we will not probably see each other until February, when we all will go to Sweden.
For this reason and for the cheap flights found, we decided to go and spend four days in Berlin. Unfortunately, four days were not enough to visit such a city full of history and amazing places. This is why it is really likely that we will go back there in the future. 
Those days ran away really fast, we enjoyed the trip and the long, really long, walk that we had in Berlin. One day we walked for 28km, too many kilometers. I can just advice everyone, who likes traveling, to go over there.
Here is a picture of me and Andres walking through the Soviet War Memorial.

Weekend in Brussels 

After the whole week spent in the office, it was time to enjoy our weekend. 
From the 15th of July on, we will go on holiday, finally. Rohan is going back home to his beloved Saint Lucia, and I am sure he will enjoy the summer over there. Andres and I are going to Berlin for few days, then he is coming back to Brussels, while I am finally going home. Everyone of us is looking forward to being on holiday. 
While we are waiting for the holiday, we try to spend every weekend all together. Because the next time we will be able to meet up all together will be in February. During the last weekend, Rohan came to visit me and Andres here in Brussels. 
It was the first time in the capital for Rohan, so a must to do was the tour of the city. From the peeing boy to the Delirium cafe, which has more than 3000 brands of beer. We have been lucky, on that day the peeing boy was dressed up. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to understand like what and the reason why it was dressed up. After the typical tour of Brussels, it was time for the match of the Eurocup. We went to the center and found a pub where to taste Belgian beers, French fries ( even if we all know they are not French!) and watch the match.
Unfortunately Rohan had to leave the day after, so we didn’t have the possibility of spending a lot of time together. But it s always nice to have good time all together. And it is in those kind of moments that you understand how lucky we have been to have such a nice group of people from all over the world as classmates.