Candle in the Dark, Life Saving or Life Threatening?


A massive blackout just hit Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and some neighboring provinces on 4 August 2019 and rendered around 20 million people without electricity for 9 hours. During this electricity outage, some people who don’t have enough power on their emergency lamps will switch to candle as the source of lighting due to its convenient and low price. However, it also possesses threats if not used properly.

It is reported that at least 50 houses were burnt down in Jakarta because of candles and unfortunately, one person died and another was injured in that incident. [1] It seems that using a candle is very dangerous and life threatening. So, should we avoid using candles during blackouts?

house burnt down
Houses burnt down during the blackout

The answer is not necessarily so. If you have emergency lamps or other battery-powered lights, then it is suggested that you should avoid using candles and other open fire source of light. But, on the other hand, if you don’t have any other safer source of light during blackouts, it is okay to use them as long as you keep an eye on them.

There are 3 simple rules to follow from NCA (National Candle Association) that can prevent you from the 85% of candle fires. [2]

1. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

2. Never burn a candle on or near anything that might catch fire.

3. Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.

By doing those 3 rules, you have just greatly minimized the risk of fire in your house. For more detailed safety rules of using candles, you can check the link [2] below. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Those candle flames were like the lives of men. So fragile. So deadly. Left alone, they lit and warmed. Let run rampant, they would destroy the very things they were meant to illuminate.

Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings





Lund Football Tournament

Every year, Fire Safety Engineering Student Organization, or in Swedish, Brandingenjörsstuderandes intresseförening (BIIF), organizes a free football tournament for all the students within fire safety engineering, risk management or disaster management area. For us, it was at the weekend before the 2nd term started. We were told by one of our seniors, just call her Farah, that IMFSE had never reached 1st 2nd and 3rd place in this tournament, or in other words, we always finish last. Sad truth but that made us determined to break the record by at least finishing 2nd to last.

imfse team
IMFSE Team and Supporters

At the first and second match, we did well to secure 2 draws – the first one should be a win though but the referee didn’t see the ball going into the goal. But after those 2 matches, we suffered 2 successive defeats that resulted in us finishing 5th out of 5 teams.

Leo feeling comfortable under the bar

However, during the break time Danny was recruited by the other team as a goalkeeper to play in the final and managed to win it to make us proud with his IMFSE shirt. It was a very good event and many thanks to BIIF for having us in this event. For the next IMFSE cohort, please win the tournament!! Semangat!

The Winner of the Tournament

Cottage in the Nature

Spring is coming! After cold, windy, and gloomy days in Winter, my corridor contact in Margaretavägen student housing organized a 3-day trip to a cottage to enjoy the nature and, most importantly, enjoy life! The cottage is located close to the municipality of Sösdala around 60km away from Lund. Some of us biked there (yes, they are crazy), some took the train and biked from Sösdala station, and the rest travelled by car. It turns out that the cottage belongs to Lund University and they rent it out to students for lower price which is awesome!


First day

On the first day, since the sun shone very brightly on us, we chilled a bit on a park to enjoy it before finally getting ready for dinner. The whole group around 20ish people were divided into 3 teams and each team was responsible for a dinner for 1 night, i.e. team 1 for the first night, and so on. While team 1 was preparing the dinner, I decided to help cutting firewood for bonfire tonight. Woohoo FIREE!

Second day

The next day, it’s time for outdoor sports! Have you ever heard a beach sport named spikeball? It was a great fun! I don’t why it’s not that popular in Indonesia as we have so many beaches. After the sports, we went for a sauna and a swim in the lake just right beside the sauna house. That’s cool right? But it was more of a cold for me than cool lol. Finally, we closed the day by having a party in the cottage.

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Third day

Third day is b(h)iking day! We were planning to go up north by bike around 10km from the cottage and relax by the side of a huge lake. However, as some of us didn’t bring our bikes, we decided to just walk our way there. It appeared the plan didn’t go so well and we got lost! It started when we took the wrong way and chose to take the shortcut through the forest. But, somehow, we couldn’t just walk through the forest and a small detour turned into a big detour. It was thrilling though! We eventually couldn’t join the others at the lake and after we managed to step out of the forest, we went straight home to prepare the dinner for everyone.

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The last day, we cleaned the entire cottage up and we parted ways. Special thanks to my corridor contact for organizing this trip and also to everyone for making this trip happen. Looking forward to other cottage trips! See you!

dinner - echo

NB. Not all the photos are mine. Thanks Mathilde and Echo for the great photos!

Video Interview: Life in IMFSE

Continuing the tradition of interviews in IMFSE, I decided to do an interview with the 2nd year students, Balsa and Jamie, about their opinions and experiences in IMFSE. Since they have experienced all 3 different universities provided, I asked them to compare the experience in each country and their overall opinions about IMFSE.

For my fellow 1st year students who haven’t decided yet where to go for their 3rd semester, I hope this video could be a little help to you. And for those who are now applying for IMFSE, I hope this could give you a brief description of life and education in IMFSE and I wish you good luck for the application!

P.S. Special thanks to Dr. Ricky Carvel for his fire-themed song playlist. There are so many interesting songs related to fire in his playlist and unfortunately I can only pick 2 for this video. Cheers!

A Moment to Remember

Without us knowing, the first semester in Edinburgh has come to an end and is closed by Christmas and New Year holiday. Our first semester would not be as enjoyable without the 2nd year students who had helped us settling in and provided us with “tricks” about how to enjoy our study in IMFSE programme. They even invited us for a movie night or a football game night every weekend for Premier League or every time there is a live football game being broadcast.

We also took turns in making a dinner for the night. I remember myself cooking a Chinese cuisine Ma La Xiang Guo (麻辣香锅) and Danny ended up drinking a jug of milk since it was too spicy for him. As I don’t really like spicy food, I also suffered from the spiciness. In order to retain my integrity as an Indonesian, who are famous for their great likings for spicy food, I tried to keep a cool head but failed miserably XD. Balsa and Jamie, the 2nd year students, were so good at this and able to finish them hands down.

As we took turns in cooking at movie night or football game night, Balsa also cooked cheesy nachos with jalapeño which was very delicious (sadly I forget to take a picture of this masterpiece), and Jamie made a Spanish food which was very good as well. There was one time when we were lazy to cook, we decided to buy chips of different flavor and mix them in one big bowl. How about Danny you ask? He hasn’t cooked for us and I will be sure to ask for one in Lund later..

We also managed to celebrate Christmas by throwing a dinner party in Dan’s and Joni’s place and doing the Secret Santa gift exchange! You can read more about this on Gerard’s blog “When Christmas Season Starts, Autumn Semester Ends”.

The best thing is that we finally get to meet in person our other half from Ghent in Lund, Sweden but sadly, on the other hand, we need to part ways with the 2nd year students – Balsa, Jamie, and Gerard will be doing their thesis in Edinburgh while Andrei will go to Australia for his thesis.

From left: Gerard, Jamie, Andrei, Balsa (from Gerard’s blog)

All in all, I wish every 2nd year students good luck for the thesis, and for all of IMFSE students, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019. Remember that it’s not a goodbye but instead, it’s a see you later!

see you

new year
Happy New Year 2019!

My Life, My Adventure

My first world tour became reality when I received an email from IMFSE that I was accepted as one of the scholarship awardees. It was so shocking yet exhilarating to be granted the scholarship to study in one of the most prestigious Erasmus+ programmes, especially in the University of Edinburgh. I assure you, you won’t be able to contain your happiness when you get this email and you will start jumping and doing random dance without you knowing it.

After I confirmed my participation in the programme, I immediately spent 1-2 days learning how to make the student visa to go to the UK and realized that making visa to the UK is very complicated and very time-consuming (you are lucky if you have a powerful passport and don’t need a visa to enter the UK or EU country). It took me around 1 month in total to finally get my student visa. Now it’s time to travel!

Let’s fast forward to the first week of my adventure in Edinburgh. Whoosh!


For those who live in tropical countries (including me), be ready! Because here in Edinburgh, the “summer” is not the summer we have imagined. I used to have a scorching 34⁰C at noon and 26⁰C at night but now I can’t even have that 26⁰C at noon! It was 16⁰C in the sunny summer! Luckily, I have brought some thick clothes and jackets to warm me up during my travel.

On the second day, I decided to walk around the city center and enjoyed the scenic view of mountains and buildings in Edinburgh.

Clear sunny sky above the Waverley Station

Does this place ring you any bells? Yes! That’s where a scene in Avengers: Infinity Wars takes place. It’s when Scarlet Witch !@%& (censored due to potential spoilers).

Anyway let’s continue! Around the city center, there will be street shows you can enjoy and one of them is the famous bagpipe show!


They are literally everywhere in Edinburgh! I also found one near the Waverley Mall and some along the Princes Street. Some toilet signs even had scotsmen included in it!

Inside Waverley Mall
scotsmen wc
Toilet sign in Waverley Mall

Overall, I already enjoyed my first 2 exciting days in Edinburgh – mountainous view, Gothic architecture buildings, cold weather, friendly people, you name it. I feel like I’m in a totally different world! Really looking forward to my next 4 months in Edinburgh and to “enjoying” my study with my fellow IMFSE students! See you! Or Indonesian will say it “Sampai jumpa!”.