FSE – wait for it – Day!

The day everyone was waiting for finally came! Months of preparations and organizations have finally led for this event to happen. Special thanks to Professor Grunde Jomaas and Lies Decroos for enormous efforts they put for this event.  And also many thanks to BRE that kindly accommodated us!

This year Fire Safety Engineer Day was hosted in Watford – a city, 20 minutes away from London. Most of us came to the capital of Great Britain 2 days before the event. And the reason was – reunion with other IMFSE classmates!

After our legendary semester in Lund, when we were spending most of our time together, splitting to teams Ghent/Edinburg was tough. And finally we all gathered together again, in London! And most of the free time there we spend visiting museums and looking for some good food to eat 🙂

This year FSE day was special for us, because now we are students of the 2nd year! We met 1st year students from Ghent and Edinburgh and we were super excited of telling them how lucky we all of being part of IMFSE family!
Also, I found a regularity that 3 years in a row there is a girl from Kazakhstan in IMFSE class, who starts from Edinburg and who is IMFSE blogger! I think it’s a good tradition, hope it will go on 😉

Me (IMFSE’19) with Kunsulu (IMFSE’ 18) and Adina (IMFSE’ 20)

This FSE day was as great as previous one! We had a lab tour in BRE! We had an opportunity to talk to the people who lead the fire protection industry! So many things we learnt during this hours! Presentations of the 5th FSE day were mainly focused on Post-Construction Fire Safety. Speakers from such well-known companies as ARUP, Kingspan, BRE, FESG, GAE, Rockwool were having their talks that day. Each presentation ended with a round of applause, because all of them were so motivating, so enlightening and so thorough! Many thanks for all the presenters for putting so many efforts and passion not only to the presentation, but to all the things you are doing for Fire Safety Engineering.

During FSE day we had several coffee breaks. That was a very good opportunity for us to have a talk with speakers, industry members and IMFSE graduates. Thanks to the program office, we had our new business cards! So we could share them with each other (to never lose our bonds) and with industry representatives.

During one of this breaks, I had a talk with Professor Bart Merci and I mentioned that this year FSE day is totally different for us, now we really can understand how the industry works and we do really understand from the presentations more! Professor replied that it would be strange if we understood less 🙂

So, yes, reunion with other classmates was a very remarkable moment. Sadly, next semester we all will scatter to different countries. But that is one of the main reasons of Fire Safety Engineering days, right? To gather together with people from all over the world with the same views as yours, to discuss and to share thoughts, to feel like we are big community united with one goal.


P.S During the conference by the end of the event there was a question from the auditory: “What if being a visitor, you see that building is not safe from fire safety point of view? Is it okay to complain to the administration about its insecurity?”. The answer was that even if you are not responsible person, if you feel that something is not okay with the design, it is so easy nowadays to take a picture and send it to the administration with a request to fix the problem. The picture, that may save someone’s life.

So one of the most import thoughts that I took from the conference was that we are responsible persons, now or in the near future. And we are doing or will be doing great! We are Fire Safety Engineers. We should care and we do care. And if not us, then who?


Real Fire Test

The September finished with new adventures for IMFSE treasury of memories. My classmates and I spent an amazing day near Antwerp, being witnesses of car park fire imitation!


IMFSE students were invited to attend the IMFSE sponsoring company FESG fire tests regarded safety level in sprinkled underground car parks. Even knowing that the site where the experiment will take place is quite far from Ghent, many of us decided to go. Because it is not an everyday opportunity to see the real fire test!

FESG is currently working on sprinklers efficiency in small car parks. Some of IMFSE graduates working in FESG were telling us the subtleties of their work, explaining the course of experiment and patiently answering all our questions.

The most common reasons of fires in car pars are overheating of engine and arsons. So several types of cars and various air and pressure conditions were tested to understand the spread of fire and sprinkler efficiency in different cases. We could say that there are three things you can watch forever: water flowing, clouds moving and the cars burning! It was really an incredible scene seeing vehicle is burning in the flames!

Of course, for security reasons we were standing quite far from the fire, so there are no good pictures or video of it… But but take our word for it – that deserves to be seen live!




Summer Internship

A small prehistory: during my last year of undergraduate study, I’ve decided that I won’t start working right after graduation and I will continue my education as a Master student. I have chosen not to follow my major (Radiophysics), but to select a different field for graduate studies. So, right after getting my diploma I became a part of IMFSE. Therefore,  having a practice in fire safety engineering was crucial for me, because I had no job experience in this field. In the beginning of the 2nd semester I started my searchings for summer practice.

To find an internship I followed the standard procedure – I have sent my CV and completed the required task. By the end of May I got a positive feedback and- voila! – in August I became an intern in FESG company.


Some of my classmates also did their summer internship there, though we have started and finished in different times – working together, even for a quite a short time, was very fun.


I can say that I found this internship very beneficial for me – I’ve seen how the real fire safety consultancy works, I’ve met a lot of IMFSE graduates there and I’ve got my very first work experience ever!


During my internship I had an opportunity to work with evacuation software and later with risk assessment of various SHC systems. It is funny that exactly these topics were covered during Lund semester, they were still fresh in my mind and I applied my knowledge to the job. I have been performing the fault tree analysis of the systems and calculating their reliabilities.

One of classmates, Ayyappa, also shared his summer internship experience.


Ayyappa was working on simulation of pyrolysis in Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) in Cantene company. The main objective of his study was to understand pyrolysis and its simulation in FDS. He considered different case studies (solid and liquid pyrolysis) and analysed each one in detail. 

My other classmates, Farah and Gerard, who did summer internship as well, will share their summer internship experiences in their own blogpost, I guess 😉

So, for the 1st year students who is looking for summer practice I would recommend not to delay with searches and start looking for internship as soon as possible, using LinkedIn or by e-mailing companies directly. However, there will also be an opportunity to find an internship position via IMFSE office during the second semester.

I can summarize that summer practice though is not obligatory, but highly recommended, especially for those who also never did job related to fire safety before. I wish everyone a good luck! Hope you will enjoy your internship as I did.






Back to school

First of all, a warm welcome to the IMFSE newcomers! Very soon the classes will start and you will be able to fully feel like Fire Safety Engineering Master students.


This year we are welcoming 20 freshmen who join our program. And thanks to the significant financial support of the IMFSE sponsors, this year there are 12 scholarships  granted to the students! (as opposed to our generation with 5 ones). That is the good news because the increasing number of scholarship encourages more student to apply to IMFSE program! More students -> more good fire safety engineers -> safer the world.


And also let’s not forget that IMFSE is a part of Erasmus+ framework, and Erasmus Joint Master Degrees programs are financed by the European Commission which primarily based in Brussels. During the summer recess, Gerard and me had a chance to visit Brussels and we have spent the day in the European Parliament. We can say that the exposition is mostly entertaining – you can take funny selfies, watch the movie about European Parliament work and visit Europaparlamentet hemicycle where all important sessions happen. This part of Brussels which includes the Parliamentarium itself and a very informative museum exposition of House of European History – definitely deserves visiting!

To conclude, the first year was full of hard work, discoveries and joy. I am so thankful for this incredible chance to be part of this European Masters. Now the second year of studying is on the way. I am full of hopes and expectations, I think my classmates and freshmen are too.  By this short and may be not so informative blogpost I just want to open the new series of posts dedicated to the new 2018/2019 school year.

So let’s get it started!




DBI visit

Weeks passed after we went to Copenhagen to visit The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI). It was  a fantastic and informative trip which closed the sequence of IMFSE visits to Swedish Fire Protection facilities (Södra Älvsborg’s Rescue Service Federation and MSB College Revinge)

DBI is Denmark’s leading knowledge centre in the field of fire safety and security. Our day there started with a talk by the former IMFSE student Karlis Livkiss. He presented us the company and introduced us to current DBI employees who gave us lectures about DBI. During the lectures we were informed that DBI does not offer any fire related products, but offers various services that help people to deal with fire safety regulations.

Typical customers are architects, engineers and entrepreneurs who come with various inquiries to the DBI office. For example, one of the DBI services is product development center – the company may offer fire simulations, tools for simulations, certifications and expert opinion about the product. For the clients who need advice for the constructions DBI offers service of third party view and tools for self-assessment for further independent use. The facility management options (inspection, optimization, trainings) are also presented in DBI.

We were very pleased to know that DBI has a lot of projects with Lund University and has options for the internship and future career for Fire Safety Engineers. After the lectures set we had a lab visit where a lot of facilities such as test facility for roof, marine relevant equipment, cone calorimeter were shown to us.

That was a remarkable day which commemorated the end of the first year studying period and led us directly to exams.  The half of the summer has already passed and I cannot wait to start the new semester and reunite with the IMFSE family!

IMG_1509 2







Valborg or Walpurgis Night in Lund

Walpurgis Night is celebrated in many European countries on night of 30 April and the day of 1 May. For example, in Estonia, Volbriöö is an important and widespread celebration of the arrival of spring in the country. It is celebrated throughout the night of 30 April, and 1 May is a public holiday called “Spring Day” (Kevadpüha).  In Finland, Walpurgis night (Vappu) is one of the four biggest holidays along with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Walpurgis witnesses the biggest carnival-style festival held in Finland’s cities and towns. In Czech Republic huge bonfires are built and burnt in the evening, preferably on top of hills to celebrate coming spring.

Valborg, as this celebration is called in Swedish, also marks the arrival of spring. The forms of celebration vary in different parts of the country and between different cities. Walpurgis celebrations are not a family occasion but rather a public event. Celebrations normally include lighting the bonfire, choral singing and a speech to honour the arrival of the spring season, often held by a local celebrity.


IMFSE students also joined evening celebration in Lund and we were feeling as we are a part of the big friendly community, participating in the huge gathering in Stadsparken. That day park was visited by around 30,000 people. The police and the municipality have been working on the preparations since the turn of the year. People were celebrating coming spring from the early morning, and the festivity epically finished in the evening by the huge bonfire.

In one of her blogs, Farah has already told that though fire can be a source of joy and celebration, we as Fire Safety Engineers know about the danger of it. So usually we are always highly concerned about fire safety in the public places, and and this time we also paid a lot of attention to adherence of safety rules. Discovered that everything is fine, everyone is standing at the good distance from fire, and fire extinguishers are on their place, we started celebration of our first Valborg in Sweden!







IMFSE Easter Break

During this semester, we had big Easter holidays and most of IMFSE students decided to dedicate this time to traveling. Norway, Spain, Italy, Poland, Iceland, Slovakia and many other countries were visited by my groupmates. Some of them agreed to share photos of their trips for my blogpost.

So, Tanveer, Ayyappa and Farah have visited Poland and Slovakia together. As I know from their stories, they are highly inspired and impressed by what they have seen in these countries.

Dheeraj, Balsa and Jaime have visited Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. And though they did not have much time to spend in each city, they also enjoyed.

What about me, I have visited Oslo with Gerard and by the end of the break I joined Farah in her Italy trip. Together we visited Milan and lake Como. My journeys were full of good moments and kind memories shared with my IMFSE soulmates.

Now we all are  back to Lund, we are full of energy and ready to work hard for the rest of the semester.