Semester in Lund

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-26 at 09.54.44Semester in Lund was very special in every meaning of the word and took place in our hearts. The semester when students have an opportunity to spend the semester together, live together, eat together, study together, and travel together. It was wonderful to share happy and stressful moments together. It made us bond, the bond that will hopefully last for a lifetime.

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During the semester we had four classes, four field trips, and three IMFSE student-led workshops. It was a very fulfilling and productive semester. We learned about human behavior in fire, assessed risk of fires in a theatre, and did Steckler room simulations with FDS. We tried out Cobra cutting extinguisher (originated in Sweden), slid down a fire pole, and sat inside the fire truck.

The semester in Lund was amazing and I am sure following semesters will be even more so.

My greatest appreciation to Lund University and IMFSE ‘18-20 for an unforgettable semester ❤ !!!

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