Potluck and Games

Few days after finishing our last exam in Lund, we started getting ready to pack our stuff and get ready for summer break. Naturally, having many leftover products and food, some of us decided to get rid of them without wasting. This was a great reason for us to gather for a potluck dinner. Being part of IMFSE family means being in a very diverse environment. Dinner was great. It consisted of Indian, Sri-Lankan, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Egyptian, Iranian, Kazakh and other national food, such as dolma, potato curry, pulao, fried beef, chicken qorma, watermelon jelly with apples, and chocolate pudding.

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Then a spontaneous potluck dinner dissolved into the game night and early morning at the playground šŸ˜€ šŸ˜› .Ā  When you have an awesome night with awesome people, you obviously would not want to stop. As a result, to continue the fun, we ended up going to Copenhagen to visit the famous Tivoli Park and the city.

The last activity in Lund before everyone went their separate ways, we decided to have an early dinner at an all-you-can-eat sushi place. As usual, quality time with friends was great and sushi was spot on. If you ever end up in Lund, definitely try Aiko Sushi, the best place to enjoy sushi in town.

Now, it is time to start the summer break after an enjoyable and productive semester in Lund ā¤

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