Lund Football Tournament

Every year, Fire Safety Engineering Student Organization, or in Swedish, Brandingenjörsstuderandes intresseförening (BIIF), organizes a free football tournament for all the students within fire safety engineering, risk management or disaster management area. For us, it was at the weekend before the 2nd term started. We were told by one of our seniors, just call her Farah, that IMFSE had never reached 1st 2nd and 3rd place in this tournament, or in other words, we always finish last. Sad truth but that made us determined to break the record by at least finishing 2nd to last.

imfse team
IMFSE Team and Supporters

At the first and second match, we did well to secure 2 draws – the first one should be a win though but the referee didn’t see the ball going into the goal. But after those 2 matches, we suffered 2 successive defeats that resulted in us finishing 5th out of 5 teams.

Leo feeling comfortable under the bar

However, during the break time Danny was recruited by the other team as a goalkeeper to play in the final and managed to win it to make us proud with his IMFSE shirt. It was a very good event and many thanks to BIIF for having us in this event. For the next IMFSE cohort, please win the tournament!! Semangat!

The Winner of the Tournament

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