Feeling at Home

And just like that our semester of studies in Lund has finished and we’ve reached the halfway point in the program.

It’s quite a strange feeling that we’ve been experiencing over the past week or so (outside of the times in which we’ve been totally absorbed with last-minute study). We’ve all gradually realised that, depending on each other’s mobility selections, there is almost half of our cohort which won’t physically be in the same location as each other until we arrive at our graduation in over a year’s time.

To celebrate the end of semester and farewell each other for the summer (or longer) we held a small, tightly packed party in our apartment. It was here that we discovered that each of had seen and experienced different aspects of Lund over the past six months. Despite this second semester being affectionally referred to as the semester of travelling, many of us had not done much travelling around the town in which we were residing. There are many great spots that each other had never come across simply because they were outside of the main routes between the university, town centre, and home.

I’ve come to realise I’m very lucky in this regard. I love riding bikes, so much so that I brought my racing bike with me from Australia. The extent of places that you’re able to see on a bike and the connectedness to your surroundings is unparalleled.

I have gotten lost, crashed, had mechanical issues and been utterly depleted, but have returned so much better for it.


As I’ve touched on before, one of the challenging aspects of this program is never feeling quite at home before moving onto the next location. Whilst others have finished with their time in Lund and are running to the airport, I still feel slightly attached to this place and luckily don’t have to leave until the end of the summer.

I can’t stress strongly enough how important it is to make the effort to explore, discover what is often hidden right under your nose and to connect to each of these places in which we reside. You don’t need to do 100 km long training rides like me to get a different perspective on these places; perhaps it is enough to ride to the next town, to the coast or even just to the local park.

It may make it harder to pack up and leave, but what you get in return is immeasurable.

One thought on “Feeling at Home

  1. It is good to see you guys are realising the importance of enjoying the moment and exploring the places in which you temporary reside. Too many people make the mistake of leaving thing to “later” or “one day”. Some opportunities may not even arise again. Well done and thanks for sharing!

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