My Life, My Adventure

My first world tour became reality when I received an email from IMFSE that I was accepted as one of the scholarship awardees. It was so shocking yet exhilarating to be granted the scholarship to study in one of the most prestigious Erasmus+ programmes, especially in the University of Edinburgh. I assure you, you won’t be able to contain your happiness when you get this email and you will start jumping and doing random dance without you knowing it.

After I confirmed my participation in the programme, I immediately spent 1-2 days learning how to make the student visa to go to the UK and realized that making visa to the UK is very complicated and very time-consuming (you are lucky if you have a powerful passport and don’t need a visa to enter the UK or EU country). It took me around 1 month in total to finally get my student visa. Now it’s time to travel!

Let’s fast forward to the first week of my adventure in Edinburgh. Whoosh!


For those who live in tropical countries (including me), be ready! Because here in Edinburgh, the “summer” is not the summer we have imagined. I used to have a scorching 34⁰C at noon and 26⁰C at night but now I can’t even have that 26⁰C at noon! It was 16⁰C in the sunny summer! Luckily, I have brought some thick clothes and jackets to warm me up during my travel.

On the second day, I decided to walk around the city center and enjoyed the scenic view of mountains and buildings in Edinburgh.

Clear sunny sky above the Waverley Station

Does this place ring you any bells? Yes! That’s where a scene in Avengers: Infinity Wars takes place. It’s when Scarlet Witch !@%& (censored due to potential spoilers).

Anyway let’s continue! Around the city center, there will be street shows you can enjoy and one of them is the famous bagpipe show!


They are literally everywhere in Edinburgh! I also found one near the Waverley Mall and some along the Princes Street. Some toilet signs even had scotsmen included in it!

Inside Waverley Mall
scotsmen wc
Toilet sign in Waverley Mall

Overall, I already enjoyed my first 2 exciting days in Edinburgh – mountainous view, Gothic architecture buildings, cold weather, friendly people, you name it. I feel like I’m in a totally different world! Really looking forward to my next 4 months in Edinburgh and to “enjoying” my study with my fellow IMFSE students! See you! Or Indonesian will say it “Sampai jumpa!”.


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