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IMFSE is back in business with new students eager to initialise their IMFSE journey and old ones wishing time could slow down for us to savour the last year we have with the IMFSE family. Despite being the first time studying in Ghent for most of us, it was back to the similar drill of applying resident permits, moving into accommodation, buying the necessities, opening bank account etc… which may sound daunting but for any IMFSE student, it has become a norm. Adaptability is definitely one useful lifeskill that all IMFSE students have attained due to the mobility aspect of the programme.

However, one segment of the start that I was looking forward to was definitely the IMFSE Welcome Moment traditionally held at the start of the school term where the students in Edinburgh and Ghent meet for the first time…. virtually. For the first year, it was a chance to meet their fellow colleagues on the other side of the North Sea but for the year 2s its a reunion of old friends since we separated from Lund. It was like deja vu as I could still remember being on the other side of the screen in Edinburgh last year.

As the formalities of introduction got underway, I was well aware of the high calibre of IMFSE students in the new batch. Kudos to the selection team for bringing together many talented students from diverse background but with a common goal… to develop as future fire safety engineers as well as develop the future of fire safety engineering. It really shows how much IMFSE have grown over the years and its exciting to anticipate what IMFSE have in store for the future. So here we go, start of year 2018-2019!!

Welcome week is nothing without a good get together and Edinburgh (with the active effort by Prof Grunde Jomaas) really set the bar when it comes to welcome parties and social events (which I’m sure you will hear more about from the bloggers in Edinburgh now). But hey, Ghent University has got exciting stuff in store of us this year… presenting to you… Ghent’s answer to Edinburgh’s “Burgers and Social”…. “BEERS AND SUN”… hehe (sorry but I dont think anyone would deny that Belgium do have the best beers and definitely more sun”).

The FSE Introduction Day started with a lunch which not only had a variety of sandwiches but also provided a platform for both IMFSE and MFSE (local FSE masters in Ghent) students to mingle with each other which is important as we would be classmates in the coming semester. However, what the IMFSE team in Ghent had in store for us next was really novel, a brainchild of Prof. Ruben van Coille. It involves a workshop where all of us were split into groups and were given a practical case of the fire safety design of Shopping Centre for us to brainstorm on the fire safety considerations that is to be taken into account. This exercise was not only moderated by the professors but also FESG (Fire Engineered Solutions Ghent), a fire safety engineering consultancy firm from Ghent who was able to provide practical insights into fire safety engineering application to real-life projects. The “boundary conditions” set in the formation of the groups also forced us to mingle and expose us to different ideas and concepts within the groups itself. Overall, this is quite an interesting initiative which I hope will continue for future generations to come.

But wait… where is the beers and sun? Well, the day ended with a gathering at VOORUIT! With drinks in hand, we basked in the sun at the outdoor deck of the bar while enjoying each other’s company. Ain’t no better way to end the day!!

So here’s to another year filled with challenges but not without friendships and memories to last. Greetings from the IMFSE team in Ghent!!

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