Summer Internship

A small prehistory: during my last year of undergraduate study, I’ve decided that I won’t start working right after graduation and I will continue my education as a Master student. I have chosen not to follow my major (Radiophysics), but to select a different field for graduate studies. So, right after getting my diploma I became a part of IMFSE. Therefore,  having a practice in fire safety engineering was crucial for me, because I had no job experience in this field. In the beginning of the 2nd semester I started my searchings for summer practice.

To find an internship I followed the standard procedure – I have sent my CV and completed the required task. By the end of May I got a positive feedback and- voila! – in August I became an intern in FESG company.


Some of my classmates also did their summer internship there, though we have started and finished in different times – working together, even for a quite a short time, was very fun.


I can say that I found this internship very beneficial for me – I’ve seen how the real fire safety consultancy works, I’ve met a lot of IMFSE graduates there and I’ve got my very first work experience ever!


During my internship I had an opportunity to work with evacuation software and later with risk assessment of various SHC systems. It is funny that exactly these topics were covered during Lund semester, they were still fresh in my mind and I applied my knowledge to the job. I have been performing the fault tree analysis of the systems and calculating their reliabilities.

One of classmates, Ayyappa, also shared his summer internship experience.


Ayyappa was working on simulation of pyrolysis in Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) in Cantene company. The main objective of his study was to understand pyrolysis and its simulation in FDS. He considered different case studies (solid and liquid pyrolysis) and analysed each one in detail. 

My other classmates, Farah and Gerard, who did summer internship as well, will share their summer internship experiences in their own blogpost, I guess 😉

So, for the 1st year students who is looking for summer practice I would recommend not to delay with searches and start looking for internship as soon as possible, using LinkedIn or by e-mailing companies directly. However, there will also be an opportunity to find an internship position via IMFSE office during the second semester.

I can summarize that summer practice though is not obligatory, but highly recommended, especially for those who also never did job related to fire safety before. I wish everyone a good luck! Hope you will enjoy your internship as I did.







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