Retrospecting Lund

It has been a while since my last post, but being part of this program you realize that time flies so fast and you are already at the end of your first academic year. Well, there have been 4 months already being at Lund University in Sweden. The university is amazing and Lund is nice (except the fact that the weather is cold and temperatures can go -15 degrees C), I very much love the courses taught here and taking into account human behavior as another active input when you do fire design is quite a challenge.


Human behavior in Fire was one of the subjects which I enjoyed this semester the most. Being able to understand the way how we think and perceive our surrounding is a very difficult task per se, now imagine how difficult it is to understand our behavior in case of fire. I was very surprised to learn that the majority of accidents and fatalities in a fire incident are caused due to lack of information and underestimation of the fire phenomena (just find the fastest way to go out when a fire alarm goes off). During a class the professor had to explain the densities of people within a square meter and in order to understand it better we volunteered to fill the space and perceive what does it mean to be packed in a crowd and how difficult it is to move (this “experiment’ was ethical,   everyone volunteered to be on the stage haha).

IMG-20180129-WA0006           IMG-20180129-WA0001

Advanced Fire Dynamics labs were as well very interesting and we had the possibility to burn different materials and compare them (burning is fun cit. Stefan) and as well raise our own scientific question and solve for it.

IMG-20180207-WA0025         IMG-20180207-WA0029

But the best classes where during the afternoons at the tea rooms in PJ-s dormitories, studying how to play and win UNO, how to taste good Indian, Colombian food, great Italian coffee, our performance at Swedish Fika I must admit was very high 😛 (culture studies are as well very important and bring us closer as a group :D)

IMG-20180216-WA0020  IMG-20180126-WA0006

And finally, the weather is getting better and better here in Sweden, well not the spring or weather of the Mediterranean region, but improvements have been noticed 😀



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