Keep the Flame Burning!


IMFSE says hi to everyone! (Photo by Elise)

When we want to maintain or improve something, we have to constantly check on it. When we want to increase heat release rate, add more fuel (not always the case though such as for ventilation-controlled fire, HAHAHA!). For IMFSE, February is the time of the year when professors and students convene at Lund University for the Annual Management Board Meeting. Professors Bart Merci, Grunde Jomaas, Patrick van Hees, Ruben van Coile, Enrico Ronchi and IMFSE Administrator Elise Meerburg joined the students in discussion about the strengths of the program and suggestions for improvement.


Gorgeous student representatives (guys, free dinner will do, thanks! HAHAHA)

Overall, IMFSE got a positive feedback from the students – topnotch universities, variety in teaching, mobility to different countries, international cultural experience and new field of study. No doubt that this program was considered a “success story” by the European Commission. Even if the program is considered successful, the management still wants to strive to make it better edition after edition. The professors also discussed several thesis topics and the strength of the partner and associated universities towards research. Surely, there are still a lot more to learn about fire safety engineering and everyone of us is excited to engage ourselves in contributing towards this growing body of knowledge.

After the meeting, we got to hangout with the professors at O’Learys. We had some drinks and we got to play shuffle board with them. The best battle was between Team Guacamole – Masala (Silvia and Dheeraj) and Team Ghendinburgh (Bart and Grunde). I have to say that the professors did well, after a couple of tries, they learned the physics immediately. But I guess, students become more powerful outside class, HAHAHA! Some played basketball arcade and the results of the battle between two second year students will be kept as a secret forever, HAHAHA!


Students won!

In the end, it was a really a productive and fun-filled night. IMFSE, already a success story, will continue to improve itself for the next generation of students. Let’s keep the flame burning in our hearts and not in our buildings, HAHAHA!


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