Awesome Fire Lab Experience

As many of you may known, in the first semester in Edinburgh we didn’t have any laboratory  hours, but thanks to Prof. Grunde Jomaas we had a guided tour in the fire lab of the University of Edinburgh. Because of this, we already had some idea of how the fire tests are carried out in the real life. However, our expectations of the approaching laboratory work were far from reality, in a good way.

In the Lund University, within the course on Advanced Fire Dynamics, we finally got the opportunity to make our own experiments on fire. My team and I were a little bit scared, because we never worked together as a team for this kind of tasks and the level of responsibility supposed to be very high while working with real fires rather then modeling or solving fire problems on paper.

The first laboratory work was dedicated to the Heat Release Rate measuring. We took three different types of fuel – propane, heptane and wooden cribs to obtain HRR and mass loss rate values. Most of the lab time we spent on the familiarization with equipment and preparing samples.

Our mentor during lab session was Prof. Stefan Svensson who looks like Dr. Heisenberg from “Breaking Bad” series. Find the differences below 🙂

Andrei also made a comparison, he presented their team on Instagram as the characters of “Misfits”, and their supervisor as … guess who? Sure, Heisenberg.

We enjoyed doing the lab experiments very much! We had so much fun while working and investigating, so that, hopefully, we will never forget knowledges and experience obtained through this 2 hour session.


“Jenga” never was so difficult! (preparing wooden cribs for fire)

So, experimental part is done. Ahead there are hours of calculations and analyzing results. Hope that we will enjoy further lab calculations in the same degree 🙂









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