Burnt Out?

It’s probably the worst time to talk about exams now that everyone has washed away all the exams blues with Christmas celebrations and the ushering of the New Year. However, ironically, it is probably the last memories we had in Edinburgh before we went our separate ways abruptly. The exams were truly a stressful period but on hindsight, it wasn’t all about the mugging….

We had great entertainment from each other. Our whatsapp group grew slightly quieter over this period but when there was any post, it’s basically just bonkers….

Andrei started providing random trivia like how Lund is warmer than Edinburgh today (on 8th December). Or posed questions like “I wonder what nationality is Babrauskas; Greek or Lithuanian?”. This is what happens when one spends too much time researching for society essay and dynamics assignment. Well, he is probably American but this Babrauskas is Lithuanian….


Tanveer takes up a more poetic approach with fiery quotes…. literally. His masterpiece would be his description of our academic life thus far:

He worked as the pilot ignition source, and his lectures are the radiant heat fluxes that ignited out inner soul for knowledge; the University itself worked as the cone calorimeter; Grunde as the sample holder, holding us from the very first day; Fire Safety Engineering, Engineering Project Management and Fire Safety Engineering and Society as the air entrainment.

#dots #asin…….dots #hiswordsnotmine. Seeing this in the midst of revision only begs the question,… Tanveer, are you ok? (btw, he is… just that exams brings out the literary genius in him)

My sisters in Edinburgh, Silvia and Kate, brought laughter to the group with Kate postingĀ  fire-related cartoons depicting our feelings before exams:


Which Silvia responded (in a similar fire-related fashion): “Yeah, it’s fine. Flashover has not occurred yet.” (cue rimshot)

In a weird way, these interactions online helped lighten the tense mood as we studied intensely. It was also great that we supported each other offline too. IMFSE soon raided the “KB Centre Level 2 – Side 20 Seat” room, marking our territory throughout the examination period:

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2)

It was there we downed daily sustenance of lunchtime wraps from the Deli at ground floor (the BEST!!!) and also, found out that Bogdan has a thing for zone models…

In his attempt to learn about zone models, he found this instead. Be careful what you search for…

Probably the peculiarity of our de-stressing methods are reinforced by the University itself. After class one day, we found a space cordoned off for an Alpaca Meet-and-Greet. Yup… furry cute little alpacas in King’s Building. It was organised by Edinburgh University Student Association as part of Mental Health and Well-being Week to encourage students to make time for fun activities like animal interactions to switch off from studying. Novel method indeed….

Before our Fire Safety Engineering exams, we got care packs from Edinburgh Nightline which consists of a piece of chocolate (which is always welcomed!), a pen (useful…), bubble blower (?) and bubble wrap (???). As intriguing as the last two items sound, we started blowing bubbles in the library cafe and bursting the bubble wrap immediately. It is strangely truly de-stressing!

Our Edinburgh Nightline care pack items!!

So were we burnt out? Probably yes but although it was hard to laugh about these or truly appreciate what we had in the midst of the exams, I do realise now that examinations are more than just a test of our knowledge. As we struggled through together, we learnt to rely on each other not only for technical help but emotional support. It was not only a test of friendships but also reveal the supportive nature that the University provides. Our professors are always willing to help and answer our queries, making time in their busy schedules to make sure we are ready. The University provided us with excellent studying facilities and support systems to create a conducive environment.

And on the 22nd of December 2017 (oh gosh, I’m sorry. I just realised how delayed this post is), we made it!!!