Team-building in Science Center

During the Orientation Week, there were a lot of interesting and entertaining activities. But the most funniest one was time spent in Vattenhallen Science Center of Lund University.


All IMFSE students were divided to 5 groups randomly for better interaction between Ghent-Edinburgh teams. Each group has the same plan for scientific experiments, but the order was different. The task of each group was to collect as many points from each job as possible.

My team started from the game called Digiwall. The aim of that funny game was to keep “the egg” from falling to the ground. And it was really-really hard! We barely gained a few points.


Then we continue our curios scientific competition, trying to “accelerate the proton”. Here we succeeded and understood the principle of CERN Hadron Collider in France.


The next step was Puzzle. We needed to collect the letter T from the scattered wooden details. I don’t know the letter of which alphabet we collected with my team, but it certainly was not the Latin T. So we failed 🙂

Then there was challenge to identify and to name human’s organs using some kind of MRI device. And, no, Giorgos, you were not supposed to lay there :).

In the Waterfall Room we needed to arrange plastic dams in such a way to achieve higher level of electricity as it happens in hydroelectric station.


After solving puzzles, there was a scientific presentation , which is designed for schoolchildren. But future fire safety engineers almost squealed with delight when the “wizard-presenter” showed us tricks with fire, liquid nitrogen and marshmallows!

Despite the fact that after the presentation the results of our competitions were summed up, no one was sad, because the aim of such kind of event was the real team-building and strengthening of already close ties of IMFSE family!

And our adaptation to Sweden has been improved by invitation of BIIF, the student association for fire engineers in Lund, to play Pool with Swedish Fire students. It was also awesome, funny and enthralling evening!


So, to conclude, team building is very important and an incredibly useful thing if you want to know your teammates from another angle and to spend time with pleasure and benefit.








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