First Lund impressions

The population of Lund is 89,000 people, and the number of students of Lund University is 41,000. So that we can make sure that the university and student life occupy most of the city! Yesterday Farah, Silvia and me decided to go shopping and went to the Nova Lund  shopping center on foot. We went through the whole city and this way, including bypassing the tram lines under construction, took us just over an hour! It is also funny, that Lund is such a close society that we usually meet our seniors – Alejandra, Juan and Melchior  wherever we go.

It was very nice to meet with our IMFSE Edinburgh team again in classrooms. During the Orientation week, the mentors introduced us to the university and its surroundings.

Kårhuset – our new study base

Meeting with people from Ghent Crew was also a very special moment! We will definitely become good friends and cohesive group.

IMG_9805 2.jpg

Also it is fantastic to live all together in one place,  most of us were settled in Pålsjöäng (hope, we will be able to spell it correctly by June). So that now we can share some dinners and little parties together vey often!

There was not a day that someone from Edinburgh crew did not say how much he misses Edinburgh. The capital of Scotland took very large and important place in our hearts! But we all know that in some months we will also say with sadness: “Oh, I am going to miss Lund so much! I don’t want to leave this place”.










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