Incredible: My First Snow Experience!

It was a cold normal day. Our class is at 1 PM but I woke up extra earlier because the feedback from the mock exam in Thermodynamics has been emailed to us yesterday and I want to visit our laboratory instructor and see what have I done right and wrong. After consultation, I went back to the dorm to eat my lunch and get ready for our Basics of Structural Engineering class.

Rain is in the forecast so I decided not to come with my bike. I do not want to experience again arriving in the classroom dripping wet because of the rain, the same as what happened to me last week. I looked out of my window to check the sky and to my surprise, it is not raining. IT IS SNOWING! The tropical kid inside me jumped out of excitement, literally. I put on my shoes, picked my bag and ran downstairs as fast as I can because of two things: only 3 minutes left before the bus arrives in the bus stop and obviously, I want to experience the snow.

I was the first to arrive in the bus stop. The bus was late so I got to experience snow quite longer. I saw Balsa’s message in our group chat, “Gerard, look outside the window.” 😆 Then my classmates/friends started arriving and they can see from my face how happy I am to see snow for the first time. Southeast Asian. 😆


Ines, Kristi, Balsa and I took a picture because I need to get this in my blog!


Picture on the other side with Karla and Jamie because we could not fit in one frame!

Throughout the whole Structural Engineering class, I could not really focus because I could not keep myself from looking outside the window. I was really mesmerized by how fluffy and light it looks like. During the break, Balsa and I went outside and we made some snowballs. 😆 This man from Serbia who has seen snow every year of his life told us that he still feels happy every time he sees snow.



View from outside the building where we have Basics of Structural Engineering classes!

We went home and there is about half an inch of snow in the road. Walking with sneakers on is really a struggle because it is slippery and sometimes mushy. Ines asked me, “So you still want snow?” I guess, the excitement outweighs the hardships. 😆 It is really fun to experience a lot of first things here and I cannot take IMFSE out of my Erasmus Mundus journey. Not convinced? Look at the title. Its acronym screams IMFSE! 🔥


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