Interesting Meetings for Future Safety Experiences_(IMFSE)

This week our firefighting professor had organized a visit to the Fire Academy in Ghent, in order to make some relation from the theoretical lectures with the practical and the real-life firefighting techniques, but as well to introduce us with the real fire that we have been talking so much about (it was “nice” meeting you Mr. Fire). As soon as we arrived at the fire academy, two firefighter assistants were waiting for us. They equipped us with the costumes and oxygen apparatus, we were literally ready to face the fire (I hope not to face it again, it feels safer reading about it haha, kidding the experience was amazing).

                      20171113_141547-01               20171113_143039-01                                              The container                                                                              Me in my best costume

Before entering the container in which the training was going to perform, the professor showed us the main techniques on how to apply water to the fire depending on the situations, either going with the direct technique, put water onto the surface of the fire or going with the indirect technique which consists in cooling the gasses and then extinguish the fire but the most important was the ‘KISS’ technique which every firefighter should know (FYI, it means Keep It Simple Stupid!). Now we were ready to enter the container.

Firstly the test is performed with having natural ventilation, giving the fire the necessary amount of air so that it can grow, after the fire has been developed the doors of the container are closed and the container is filled with smoke and the temperature rises (hello Hell!). Once you have located the fire the extinguishment was fast and easy.

              20171113_135416-01Fire Academy

I really believe in superheroes and firefighters are definitely one of them!

These past weeks have been really intensive but very nice and fruitful, university wise and life wise. The mayor of Tirana (capital city of my country, Albania), Erion Veliaj, was invited to give a lecture at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands about the city development and how they can drive towards EU integration. Being a really interesting topic and feeling the need to introduce fire safety as a possible mean towards integration, I thought to myself “I need to meet this guy!”, so I went for it. The lecture was very interesting and seeing lots of internationals being interested in the topic and the city, made me feel happy. After the lecture, everybody wanted to meet and talk to the mayor (including ambassadors, ex-ambassadors, and diplomatic people), but my long travel from Ghent to Rotterdam made him actually stop and talk to me and thank me for being part of his lecture and discussion, so I grab the opportunity to briefly introduce him with the IMFSE scope(I guess I already found a job :P). It was a very interesting day, I got the mayors attention, I became an IMFSE “ambassador”, I got a selfie with and a beer with the mayor (I couldn’t ask for more haha).

20171030_200919.jpgIt was great meeting you Erion

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