A simple equilibrium equation!

The marathon is still going on and I am learning new interesting information like flame propagation, flame temperatures, flame heights and with some given information I can even determine and calculate them. What is really important, is the fact that I can relate the theoretical studies with their practical and real-life application. I will try to teach you one of the basic equations we use (the explanation is in my very own practical and totally unscientifically way :D). Everybody has heard or read about stoichiometry and equilibrium equations, well these equations are applied as well in everyday life. I will show you now what I mean.

equilibrium equasion(Lectures + Study —– Pass the exams + travel – money)
infographic created by me by me 🙂

This is the basic equation of a student life, it is important to find the equilibrium, you agree? (you should because otherwise…). I will let you know soon how my equilibrium equations will go (the scientific one and the practical one :P).

Last week everybody was in Ghent (first and second-year students from Edinburgh) for the FSE day, I guess we were lucky meeting before our study trip in Lund (I am happy I got my Swedish resident permit after my first rejection in August). FSE stands for Fire Safety Engineering day, which is the application of science and engineering principles to protect people, property, and their environments from the harmful effects of fire and smoke, focusing on fire suppression, human behavior and maintaining a tenable environment for evacuation from a fire. Meeting people from the fire safety community which are involved in big projects and they are part of big companies worldwide like ARUP, Promat, WSP, Tucrail, FPC, Kingspan. During the coffee break, we had the opportunity to chat with the representatives of this companies and network (already thinking for a possible internship :D). It was a special FSE day this year due to the 10th birthday of the IMFSE program.

20171025_172515  IMG_20171026_151338_142

                                                                                                                              the picture was taken by Elise

After the FSE day we went for the FSE night at Amadeus, for all of you who don’t know Amadeus, it is a famous place here in Ghent and you can eat delicious ribs (you can eat as much as you can, it’s a food competition, I manage to eat only one :/, next time I need to be prepared haha). After Amadeus we had some delicious beers.


the picture was taken with Eduardo’s cellphone 😉



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