Glasgow and other adventures

For me as a student, one of the most important and distinguishing feature of IMFSE program is incredible possibility to travel. Just think, for 2 years you will have opportunity to live as a native in at least 3 countries!

All IMFSE freshmen came to Edinburgh or Ghent from other different countries and continents and the spirit of adventure is very alive in future Fire Safety Engineers.

IMG_6495 2.jpg

Those of us who are in Edinburgh have a day-off during the week, and by itself we had a tradition not to sit still, but to find every opportunity for adventures.

For last 3 weeks, our group had 3 very exciting and interesting trips. All of them were not far away from Edinburgh, because (thanks to Fire Dynamics) we really had a lot things to do.

The decision about first trip to famous Edinburgh’s neighbor was spontaneous:

“Tomorrow is Thursday, what are we going to do?”

“Of course, I will study hard all day and all night!” – would answer a good student.


“Thursday – is Adventure Day. Let’s go to Glasgow!” – answered IMFSE students and the next morning we found ourselves at Glasgow Central Station.


The first thing that catches your eye in Glasgow, in comparison to Edinburgh – are tall buildings and wide crowded streets with a lot of local people, not only tourists.

As the Lothian bus passes became useless as we left Edinburgh, we decided to explore Glasgow on foot. (SPOILER! We passed about 20 km for this day)

Each trip should have a little cherished goal, and our purpose was to find a local Hogwarts – the main campus of the University of Glasgow. But while we got there, we went through many-many –many Glasgow attractions, we found out a little bit about Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Gaudi of Glasgow), we visited the museum and even got to a concert of organ music!

I think we were very lucky with the weather, and it helped us to reach our destination successfully. We walked through beautiful parks, passed by beautiful buildings and – finally! – we reached Hogwarts!


Some buildings of the gothic-styled University of Glasgow are really-really incredible! When we were in the inner courtyard of the university, it seemed to us as though we have magically entered Hogwarts and Harry Potter might just appear around the corner. We really felt the atmosphere of Hogwarts there, even despite the fact that Harry Potter movies have never been filmed on the campus of this University. And when it was time to leave, we wished we had broomsticks  (Nimbus 2000 would be fine) to fly around Glasgow as our tired legs groaned.


Before the departure of the bus back to Edinburgh, we still had a few hours left. Farah (another IMFSE blogger) discovered interesting fact about huge number of street murals in Glasgow. And as some years ago we hunted Pokémons, now we hunted Murals of Glasgow. During our hunting we passed through the bank of the river, BBC Scotland office, giant Dragon’s eggs (it was Glasgow Science Centre) and several beautiful bridges.

Most of the found by us murals really looked unusual and interesting!


Leaving glorious Glasgow was a bit sad, but returning back to Edinburgh felt like returning home. Deciding to keep the tradition, next Thursdays also took place in adventures and travels.

Many lakes of Highlands, peaks of Pentland’s hills, Isle of Skye, Newcastle and also many others Scotland’s sightseeings were reached by IMFSE students for this short period.


Now we are looking forward to our great meeting all together in Ghent in the Fire Day.

And it is going to be LEGEN – wait for it – DARY!



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