IMFSE Marathon


For a long time, I was searching for a master program that I would really like to attend and would definitely give an impetus in my personal and professional life. Erasmus Mundus is definitely the page I would recommend to everyone and search for the best master programs held at leading worldwide universities. International Master of Fire Safety Engineering was the program which intrigued me the most, after searching about further details, somehow I knew I had to apply. Besides, fire safety is a very hot (literally hot) topic and the country I come from (Albania) has a lack of proper legislation or regulations regarding fire safety, so why not being a pioneer in implementing valuable knowledge (this is part of the dream).

May was the happiest month, I received an acceptance email from the IMFSE program and soon the visa and other document procedures started (I am not going to lie, these procedures are exhausting but strangely fun when you succeed). Here I am, starting my own marathon with few of my fellows in Gent University, Belgium. The rest of the crew will join us when we will be in Lund for our second semester, this is another amazing and fun part of this program, giving you the opportunity to travel and study in the best universities at the same time (couldn’t ask for more). The first week was the lovely welcoming week in Belgium, I tried lots of tasty beers and met the current second-year students, which shared their own IMFSE experience and shared with us some valuable tricks and tips for a smooth start 🙂


The lectures started, I have to admit the first-week was a bit taught for me. Going back to classes and studying chemical and physical processes and their importance in fire dynamics and fire behavior, was a bit overwhelming for me. But on the other hand, the ability of the professors to explain in detail and illustrate this phenomenon makes the classes clear and enjoyable. Besides that, we have created a very good relation among us (students) and that makes the classes even more enjoyable, everybody is willing to help according to their previous study background.

I love the classes of Explosions (I know this sounds scary and not fun at all), the professor illustrates by performing experiments with products that I never thought they were able to ignite or burn, but creating the right environment they can even explode. The last experiment showed us how the coffee cream can create a small explosion (be careful people with the products you use in your house, just joking!).

This year the University celebrated its 200 anniversary and on the weekend (8th of October) the city of Ghent was hosting a lot of educational activities, I have to admit that the cityscape of Ghent is lovely and cozy.

The picture below is from the lunch organized for the international and local master students from the faculty.IMG-20170927-WA0006


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