Graduation Cermoney 2017 [II]

To continue my last post, after handing the final transcripts and the poster awards, Prof. Grunde (representing the University of Edinburgh) and Dr. Juan (representing the University of Queensland) gave their speeches. I would like to comment on these two speeches, both were too enthusiastic and as a graduate, I don’t think there could be a better speech to attend on that day.  For example, prof. Grunde’s speech was really clear and to the point, he discussed all the challenges that could face us as fresh graduates, he encouraged us to do our best and work as hard as possible but at the same time never tolerate pressure from any one to reach perfection. This sounds like a simple advice, however, it has a much deeper meaning that we all going to face sooner or later in our careers as professional engineers.

After that, Matthias gave the IMFSE’s alumni talk, it was essential to hear from a last year graduate during our graduation day. Matthias gave a successful speech and covered a lot of our worries regarding switching from students’ life to the professionals’ one.


Later, the time came for the two years memories’ video. This video was done by Andres as one of the students’ representatives. Andres collected tens of pictures from each of us and started to filter and choose those which can be presented to the public….ethically speaking :)). Honestly, this video surprised me. Personally, I did not realize that we have shared all these moments in less than two years until I watched the video. I can definitely say, these two years went like a blink of an eye. [A quick advice for the current and upcoming IMFSE generations, take as many pictures and videos as you can, you will never regret filling up your memory cards during the two years to fill up your own memories for ever later!]


After the video, Bart gave the final speech and invited everyone to building ‘s garden for the picture moment. Without writing or commenting here I will leave you with this nice slide show for the photos’ session.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By the end of the photos’ session, the afternoon programme also came to an end. Now, it is time for the evening programme.

The evening programme:

The evening programme started around 6:00 pm with a boat trip. This was too unique to have all your class mates, teachers, families, and friends on one small boat in the nice canals of Ghent and with a great sunny Ghentian weather. We felt really special!

Once we were done with the boat trip, we took a quick casual walk to a small restaurant in Ghent city center.

The whole place was booked only for us from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am. We had a nice international cuisine, thanks to the organizers, all the different diets were taken into consideration.


After having some food and long chats, it was show time. Thanks to Elise and her awesome band, we had great time listing to them. Also thanks to Habib who did the great Gangnam style dance. Elise, you are really talented! Habib you are Unexpected :D.

By the end of the band show and Habib’s show, we were done with our graduation day. We had to say some hard goodbyes (to those who had to leave with their family members) and promise to meet again whenever we had any chance to do so. Of course, some of us were able to stay for the whole night so we kept chatting, chatting and chatting all the night till early morning hours near St Bavo’s Cathedral, which used to be our favorite place to meet.

All in all, it is essential to thank Lies, Elise, Dave, Bart, Monica, Mathieu, Christian, Habib and Eduardo for all the help and efforts they did to organize our graduation day. You guys made it unforgettable. Thank you on behalf of all my class mates.


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