Graduation Cermoney 2017 [I]


On the 26th of June this summer, we the 2015 chorot had our official graduation ceremony. As everything else in the IMFSE program, the graduation ceremony is really special. The awesome IMFSE secretary (Lies and Elise) prepared for that day almost three months ahead. As Ghent University is the organizer of the IMFSE, the graduation ceremony used to be held there every year.

The day is usually divided into two parts an afternoon and evening sessions. The afternoon session is for the official ceremony and speeches, while the evening one contains dinner and a casual trip around the city.

The Afternoon programme:

Started with us –the students- gathering at Het Band around 11:30 am for the student interviews, during these interviews we were asked some questions regarding our experience during the program, our future plans and how it feels like to be graduating. Our students’ interviews video is not online yet, but, you can have a look on those for the previous years through this link

Afterwards, the registration started at 1:00 pm with a coffee break where we were able to meet with each other after the thesis semester and recall our two years memories, not only that but also we met with each other’s family members.


At 1:30 pm the opening talks started with a welcome speech by professor Bart Merci, he welcomed the family members, Jury members and congratulated the students for their efforts during the last two years, followed by a quick talk by Prof. Patrick Van Hees from Lund University. Afterward, prof. Bart asked the students to start presenting their thesis with a time frame of around 3-5 mins each.



At 1:45 the students started to present their thesis, you can easily notice how much efforts were exerted in the work and you can even easier notice the gorgeous view of the proud family members filming and taking pictures with too much glory.


Bart then thanked the IMFSE sponsors and asked the audience to move to the poster session.


The IMFSE students prepared beforehand A3 posters for their thesis work, during the poster session the family members and the jury members had to vote for the best posters, then each poster will get points and Bart will announce the winners.


After the poster session, the perspective moment came, we started to wear the gowns and prepare ourselves to hear the final results. Bart announced the names of the successful students and gave them their final transcript. At the same moment, Elise was counting the points for the best poster award and reported the winners to Bart.


Now, Bart started to announce the names in the order of the overall score and each student will stand to get his/her transcript and a picture with Bart.



Right after that, Bart handed the best poster awards:


To be continued in the next blog post Graduation Ceremony 2017 [II].


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