IMFSE is a diverse International Program! Fact or a Myth?!

Dear Mohamed Beshir, You applied for a scholarship for the IMFSE program. It is our great pleasure to inform you that we consider you to be eligible for a scholarship. Congratulations.
With these awesome words, the most important email in my life started. I have received the acceptance email for the IMFSE program and the Erasmus Mundus + scholarship from the IMFSE secretary on the 22nd of March 2015. I still can remember this day as it was yesterday, all the simple details including the first shock and the happiness. From this day on the whole journey started.
I read on the IMFSE website a lot of interesting information and reviews, however, as I did not join the program yet and also I did not know anybody who already graduated from the IMFSE, I used to have some doubts about how accurate were these promotions.
Let’s take it step by step:

The IMFSE is a real international environment

Right after being accepted in the IMFSE program, my contact email was published on the IMFSE website so the old and new students get to know me. In one week I got emails from the former and current IMFSE students welcoming me into the program and wondering if I have any questions. These contacts were from Sweden, Egypt, Syria, and India. After few weeks I was added to our IMFSE class group, I was in one group with students from Ecuador, Colombia, Santa Lucia, Palestine, Italy, Malaysia, India, USA, Belgium, China, France, and Norway. 12 different nationalists in one group, International enough?!. Not yet, that is only our class of 2015, afterward, we get to know the 2nd year students who were studying their third semester when we started. So by the end of the 1st semester, I have friends from almost 20 different countries. Not only that but also when we started our third semester we met the new students from class 2016, that added new nationalities to my list, for example, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica and Indonesia. All in all, by the end of my IMFSE degree I can totally confirm that being a diverse and international program is definitely not a myth.
Literality by the end of the two years I have got friends from all over the globe, including but limited to the following countries:
Ecuador, Colombia, Santa Lucia, Palestine, Italy, Malaysia, India, USA, Belgium, China, France, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, Iran, Paraguay, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Thailand, Serbia, Netherlands, Nepal, and Indonesia.
This photo from the 2nd Fire Safety day in London for class 2015 and 2014, Guess how many different nationalities are in this frame?


22 different nationalities !!!

Being in such an international group is not only fun but also very beneficial, you get to know how others think and to believe that we are too different and similar at the same moment. That point helped me to accept others and respect their points of view and their beliefs. Right now, I can easily integrate myself in any new group no matter how different they are or how diverse the group is.


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