Oresund Runt

After living in Belgium for a semester, it’s quite hard getting accustomed to Swedish prices. Being a travelling addict as I am, for me personally, it was the hardest to get used to the prices of train tickets. Luckily, as the semester was passing, along with meeting Swedes came tips and tricks about various things, including travelling. One of them was discovery of the ticket called Oresund Runt.

For 249 Swedish Kronas (around 26 Euros) you get a ticket that includes the following: train from Lund to Helsingborg, then a ferry ride across the 4km wide strait from Helsingborg in Sweden to Helsingor in Denmark. After that you move on to Copenhagen from where you continue back to Lund via Malmo. The ticket is valid for 48 hours, during which you can stop anywhere on the route for as long as you want, and another great thing about it is that public transportation tickets in all cities on the route are included, which is obviously the most useful in Copenhagen being by far the most expensive city on the route.

As I found out about this special deal, I was just waiting for a perfect moment to set off to another Scandinavian adventure. I didn’t wait for too long before my childhood best friends Darija and Marta came for a visit and I decided to surprise them with this cool trip!

First stop on our 48h trip was Helsingborg. The city is only 35 mins away from Lund and its really worth visiting. After a stroll next to the seaside and through beautiful downtown with lovely tiny streets, we went to visit the famous 600-year-old medieval fortress of Helsingborg situated on a small hill just above the city center.


Back in a day it was one of the most important fortified observatories in Danish-Swedish wars, and nowadays the biggest attraction of Helsingborg with amazing view of the whole town and Denmark on the other side of the sea! After that, as we got hungry, we headed on to another place that was suggested to us, the famous Ebbas Fik restaurant where we had some great meals including the various super tasty cakes!


As the clock was ticking, we knew it’s time to continue our trip, so we took a ferry to Helsingor in Denmark. First thing that was quite funny was that, although a ride takes only around 20 mins, there are Swedish people that are coming on board just to buy alcohol in duty-free shop. Reason is very well known, the notorious Swedish alcohol prices. 🙄

Arriving to Helsingor we discovered another interesting and beautiful city. Having one of the biggest and nicest castles in Denmark, a great Naval museum and lovely streets all around, this city provided us a lot of fun for a few hours, but soon we needed to continue our trip.


Just 3 train stations to the south, towards Copenhagen, the well-known Louisiana Museum is located and it was a must. With huge collection of modern art from various famous artists, and beautiful gardens right next to the sea, this museum definitely gave us an inspiring experience!

As we arrived to Copenhagen at night, we immediately met up with a group of Serbian students that study in Denmark, and it was such a nice gathering in my favorite bar of Copenhagen, ‘’The Taphouse’’.


Next day was of course reserved for exploring Copenhagen. We started from the highest viewpoint of the city, the tower of Vor Flersers Church, right next to Christiania. Continuing our way over Christiania, then discovering another great food place called The Paper Island which is situated quite near the Opera House. Over there, in a Hall, there are tens of various international food stands (Moroccan, South Korean, French, Thai and other exotic cuisines) and for a reasonable price you can try some amazing delicacies!


As I already wrote a blog about Copenhagen, I will only mention the other places we visited that day. The famous shopping street Strøget, the biggest attraction of Copenhagen, Nyhavn, with Hans Christian Andersen’s house.


We continued along the way to the royal palace all the way to Kastelet and the Little Mermaid.


You won’t find this photo of the Little Mermaid in travel magazines 😉

As the day was coming to an end, we decided to spend the last couple of hours discovering the Botanical garden, and relaxing in my favorite park in town, Rosenborg Castle Gardens.

Really tired but full of amazing memories we took off by a late train back to Lund.

As this was the most dynamic and by far the most interesting trip I have done since I came to Scandinavia, I highly recommend it both to future IMFSE students and to all the people that have a chance to do this great tour. You will not regret it, trust me!


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