Thesis Submitted!


Last weekend was the deadline for the thesis submission for the IMFSE program and by that; our class is finishing the last chapter of the IMFSE adventure. There is no doubt that the last couple of weeks have been quite stressful for most of us and everyone was rushing to finish his/her thesis before the deadline. Yet, it feels so good the moment you press the submission button and even feels better when wake up the next day knowing you are done with your thesis work and you should just care about how you are going to chill today.

Hold on! It is not finished yet, this month we still have to do our dissertation (our master thesis’s defense) those who did their thesis under the umbrella of the university of Edinburgh will start first; Pasquale, Pascale, Veronica and Ain will probably present their thesis during the first half of May.  For those who are doing their thesis for Ghent University, they will have their dissertation on the same day on the 22nd of May at Ghent University; Andres, Philippe, Nikhil and I will be presenting our thesis in person at the Plateau building while Max and Nemer will join us virtually via Skype from the US. and Australia respectively to present their thesis work and do their defense.  Also, the students at Lund University (David, Francisco, Jan, and Rohan) will present their thesis later this month in Sweden.

Comic from:(www.PHDCOMICS.Com)

After the thesis defense, most of us are going to participate in organizing the Fire safety Olympics (as Bart call it 🙂 ) which will take place in Lund between the 12th to 16th June. The International Symposium on Fire Safety Science which is organized by the International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) is (at least in my opinion) the most important fire safety event, where almost all the fire safety scientists around the globe gather together to discuss the latest scientific and industrial issues related to fire safety. Our class was lucky enough to have the symposium this year not only in Europe but also at Lund University so we had a unique opportunity to attend the event easily.

In later blogs, I will talk about the history of the International Symposium on Fire Safety Science and will discuss what will be our role as IMFSE students to organize the event in Lund. Till then, I highly recommend checking the official website for the symposium to get more information here


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