IMFSE Fire Safety Engineering Day

As it happens every year, IMFSE students attend 2 interesting events during the second semester in Lund. By pure coincidence, this year both events took place right here, in Lund, which made it super easy for us to attend them.

First one was the IMFSE Management Board meeting, which consisted of two very important parts. First of all, our student representatives shared the results of the surveys we recently filled in – regarding our experiences, thoughts and suggestions about the first semester, both in Gent and Edinburgh. The discussion was very important and meaningful and will surely be helpful for both universities to improve in the future even more!


In the second part, our IMFSE professors Bart Merci, Grunde Jomaas and Patrick Van Hees gave us a first overview of available master thesis topics. Both full and associated partner institutes offer some alluring topics, so the decision will definitely be tough but interesting!


Next day was reserved for the 3rd IMFSE FSE Day. The central theme of the day was ‘’Sustainability and Fire Safety Engineering’’. As expected, the day was full of interesting lectures held by renowned experts from various prestigious companies (ARUP, BRE, FESG, PROMAT and KINGSPAN) and a lecture held by a professor from LTH.


Lunch break provided time for the most important part of the day: networking! A lot of second year and alumni IMFSE students were present, as well as several experienced professionals and LTH PHD students and professors and mingling around and meeting all those people was a real pleasure. Sharing IMFSE experiences, making plans about the master thesis or even PHDs and discussing potential internship and job opportunities made this day really fruitful. Seeing how a lot of our older colleagues are having amazing careers all around the World motivates all of us greatly.


In the afternoon, a panel discussion on the topic was held by all the lecturers and IMFSE consortium. The intent was that members of consortium discuss and debate how FSE and sustainability meet or conflict. It was a nice Q & A session for conclusion of this valuable day.


The 3rd IMFSE FSE Day turned out to be very good and we are all looking forward to attending the 4th edition next year! In the mean time, we have an even bigger FSE event: this June, again by unbelievable coincidence, the biggest fire safety science symposium – 12th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science, will be hosted by Lund University. This event will certainly be very beneficial and it also represents one of the biggest reasons for looking forward to June and the beginning of summer!



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