Lund Cathedral

Although Lund is a small town, it has a rich history. It was founded around 990, and became cultural and religious center of this region. One of the main sightseeings in Lund is grand Lund Cathedral. Twin towers with pyramidical roofs are the major features of cathedral’s architecture. The university organized free guided tour to the cathedral where we found out about the history of the cathedral. Lund Cathedral is the oldest Metropolitan church in the Nordic regions,as it was built around XI-XII centuries. Cathedral has a number of artefacts including 7 century-old magnificent astrological clock, Horologium mirabili Lundense, which is still working. The clock chimes twice a day, and you can see rotating mechanical figures of three wise men and their servants passing and bowing before the figures of Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. Since the clock was built before heliocentric model was developed, in the upper part it is depicted that the Moon and the Sun circle the Earth. There is a calendar in the lower part of the clock, and you can find out weekday of any date. Oak choir stalls with craved figures illustrating the scenes from the Bible, imposing altar both dating from 14th century, and mosaic of the Resurrection on the apse vault are another historically important features of the cathedral.


There is also a crypt with densely packed pillars where the oldest altar of the cathedral, numerous chests and grave slabs can be found. One pillar has a statue of a man embracing it, and according to a local legend, it is a figure of Giant Finn, who built the cathedral, but was fooled and tried to destroy it, and turned into a stone. The guided tour was very informative, as we found out so many interesting facts about the cathedral. I recommend everyone to visit this magnificent place with beautiful architecture and well-known artefacts.



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