Across the Øresund

As the new week-end was approaching, and our schedule said we had Friday and Monday off, we knew it was time to continue exploring wonderful Scandinavia. This time, our destination was the capital of our dear bordering country Denmark, the colorful Copenhagen. A perfect coincidence was that ESN Lund (Erasmus Student’s Network) was organizing a pub crawl in Copenhagen, right on Saturday, when we wanted to travel anyway, so we were immediately accompanied by 40 new interesting people in our quest to Copenhagen!

Saturday 2 pm quickly arrived, and the trip was about to start! Just like in our Gothenburg excursion, the enormous amount of fog didn’t want to disappoint, and decided to come along, but nothing could spoil the positive vibes and fun so many students share 🙂 !

The day started with a 2 hour guided tour lead by a man called Martin. I guess nobody had high expectations, since we all are used to those boring ’’Wikipedia’’ guides, but this guy was something completely different. He was funny, interesting, telling stories from his own point of view, making jokes about the royal family, about the Swedes, and about Swedish – Danish ”love” in general, and along the way telling some super intriguing historical and politically cultural stories. Definitely a perfect way to start a weekend in a new city. The rest of the night was reserved for the long anticipated pub crawl and a party, which was also amazing, as famous ESN parties usually are.


After a long, tiring night, and sufficient sleep, we were ready to continue exploring Copenhagen. Our first destination was the famous freetown of ’’Christiania’’. Its actually a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood completely independent of the Danish government. This controversial area is famous for a lot of things. First of all, although marijuana is illegal in Denmark, the citizens of Christiania decided to make it legal, and it’s a well known thing that over there it can be bought on the street, as simple as a bottle of water. The other thing that makes Christiania special is that it has around 850 inhabitants, mostly hippies, who have decided to live life outside the external ’’normal’’ world. Freetown Christiania is a mix of homemade houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues, cheap and organic eateries, and beautiful nature. All in all, this place was really something different, and left a huge impression on all of us.


The rest of the day was reserved for another small tour of Copenhagen, guided this time by my dear Montenegrin – Danish friend Lena.


The cold weather didn’t stop us from discovering the astonishing Copenhagen Opera House, the famous Nyhavn, the house of Hans Christian Andersen, than the ’’best restaurant in the World’’, and many other beautiful spots of Copenhagen. The day was too short to explore it all, but the night was reserved for something even more special. A jazz night in ’’La Fontaine’’ – the oldest Jazz clubs in Copenhagen, where even Lady Gaga performed once many years ago. It was a perfect way to end such a nice day in Copenhagen.

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The last day was reserved for a few more things Denmark is famous for. First of all one thing all kids as well as the many grown ups in the world adore – Lego! We spent much time inside the shop and had a lot of fun just watching all the beautiful toys, and reminding ourselves of our childhood.


The next thing that we had to visit was of course, the trademark of Copenhagen, the little Mermaid statue. After it, one last thing was waited to be discovered. Since we had 3 Belgian guys in our crew, we couldn’t leave Copenhagen without trying the famous Danish beer. And to be honest, Mikkeler is doing quite a decent job in making some amazing beers!

Leaving Copenhagen was kind of hard, knowing how many beautiful things are still to be discovered in this extraordinary city, but luckily it is only an hour away from our Lund, so we (or at least I) will be back many many more times!



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