Second semester mode is on

Second semester of our IMFSE journey has already began, and Lund, which is a small university town in the south of Sweden, will be a home for us for the upcoming five months. Studies are held in Lund University, one of the oldest and prestigious universities in Northern Europe. It was founded in 1666, thereby celebrating its 350 years anniversary. Lund university is well-known for its research activities, for instance, did you know that diagnostic ultrasound and Bluetooth technology were invented based on the research in Lund University?

All international students arrived on specified Arrival day, and I want to note how this event was well-organized with the help of both administraton and local students. Shuttle service run from the train station to the Arrival day venue, where we registered, received a welcome package which included not only useful informaton about university and student life,but also sim card for a cell phone and JoJo travel card. We were even able to buy bedding set including pillow and duvet. So, I highly recommend students coming to study at Lund University to arrive on the specified date, as it is extremely helpful.

All first year students spend second semester in Lund, so we finally met Ghent crew during the introduction session. Our group has become even more diverse than before, and I think it is one of the major advantages of IMFSE.

If you have read Alejandra’s blog, you may know that there was a snowstorm on the introduction day. I should say that I was no less happy and excited than guys who have never seen snow because it reminded me of home, and for me not having snow in winter is unusual instead. Unfortunately, our excitement did not last long, as next day we could hardly find any evidence of snowstorm.

Study mode is already on with morning lectures starting from 8 am,and I am still getting used to such early classes. The schedule in Lund University also keeps changing every week. What I like that there is 15 minutes break after 45 minutes of lecture. I find it really useful since it helps to restore attention after class resumes. Grading system is Sweden also differs, as each assignment is added to final exam score as ‘extra point’ with a condition that exam score is higher than pass score. So by studying at different university each semester, we have a chance to compare different learning environments, teaching styles and ways how academic matters are handled.

Our studies are mainly taking place in V-building of LTH, Faculty of Engineering. To note, all buildings in LTH are named with letters such as V-, A-building and etc. Since doors to the building itself and even classrooms are automatic, they can only be opened by using student card and specific pin code.Also, it is necessary to press special button to open doors otherwise it requires some effort to do it manually. I always fail to remember this simple ‘lifehack’. V-building seemed like a maze to me in the beginning, but things are getting better now. Generally, V-building has really good studying facilities including fire, civil, and computer labs, as well as large lecture halls with comfortable chairs especially for morning lectures. There is even ‘an oven room’ in V-building for students to heat their lunch boxes, as almost all students bring food from home.20170120_120207.jpgOverall, I believe that during this semester we will learn a lot of new things along with enjoying our stay in Lund.


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