Gothenburg: check

One thing common for all the IMFSE students is certainly a never-ending desire to travel, explore and meet different countries and their cultures. It is therefore no wonder that already a few days after arriving to Lund we started planning our first weekend trip. This time we decided to go just a bit towards the North and experience what Gothenburg (Göteborg), the second largest city in Sweden, has to offer.

From the moment we agreed to make this trip, we only had two days before the departure to find a place to sleep. We decided to try the impossible – find a Couchsurfing host willing to accommodate 6 guys. We were not optimistic at all, but it seems miracles still happen: the next morning already, a guy called Eric accepted our request saying he would be glad to host us. Since this “obstacle” was overcome much easier than we had expected, there was not much left to do than for us to take off right after the class on Friday afternoon.

After a long day at the University and a three hours long trip, we finally reached our first destination – Eric’s flat, located in the southern part of Gothenburg. When someone is ready to host 6 people he never met, it’s needless to say how cool that person must be. The least we could do for showing gratitude is preparing a dinner. For this occasion, Khai and I decided to join our forces together and make some special dishes for our friends. As expected, when Malaysian and Serbian cooking skills combine, the only way the outcome can taste is just divine 🙂 .


After a pleasant dinner followed by a short cultural exchange, it was about time to experience what Gothenburg is quite famous for – yes, you got it: the nightlife! Going to several pubs, clubs and meeting a lot of interesting Swedes gave a nice finishing touch to this intense but outstanding day!


Saturday was reserved for exploring the city. Unfortunately, although our journey so far looked a lot like a perfect movie scenario, at this point we got back to reality: the Swedish one. An even hard to imagine enormous amount of fog surprised us that morning and most definitely messed with our original sightseeing plans. Anyhow, we decided to go for it either way. It was quite unusual but still very amusing. The funniest part was climbing a small hill with a beautiful view, from where you get to see the whole Gothenburg – but since the foggy day made sure we barely could see a hand in front of our faces, we will take our host’s word on this one. Afterwards we continued towards the city center in order to actually try to see the city in a close-up 😉 . Exploring the famous ’’Haga’’ street, tasting fish at the famous fish market hall ‘’Feskekôrka’’, going ‘’second hand and vintage’’ shopping and just strolling around the city really made this day hard to forget!


The last day, although we had put all our hopes into it, the fog didn’t go away. Luckily for us, the bad weather was very well compensated by an amazing host: he proposed us a great fog-proof way to spend the day – going ice skating on one of the biggest rinks in whole Sweden. We all immediately said yes: if you really want to get to know a culture, doing as locals do is a must – so when you are in Sweden, you go ice-skating! Some of us were at the beginner level, some at a bit higher one – at least that’s what we thought until we saw and compared ourselves to a few Swedish people skating there. Fortunately, the rink was also full of children, so we were feeling more comfortable skating surrounded by the ones with similar skating abilities ;).

All in all, our first trip was really fun, and definitely inspiring for exploring Sweden much more!



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