Moving north

After a short winter break in Belgrade, it was time to continue the IMFSE adventure and head on north. The second semester was about to kick off in Swedish province of Scania, at the oldest institution of higher education in Scandinavia, the eminent University of Lund. My new ”moving process” was quite interesting and marked by some lucky circumstances. My friend and colleague, Arjan, decided to travel from Gent to Lund by his car and he was kind enough to help me transfer most of my stuff! Additionally, there is a direct flight from Belgrade to Malmö, and it is fortunately operated by a low-cost airline, so moving north turned out to be super simple & smooth 🙂

I arrived late on Sunday night, and headed directly to student’s dorm ‘’Spoletorp North’’ to see my dear Gent colleagues and meet our fellows from Edinburgh. One of the reasons why the semester in Lund is so special, is because we finally gather as the whole IMFSE generation in one place. I was quite glad to find out how perfectly tailored our whole group is, consisting of so many different great people from all around the World! We shared our experiences from the first semester in Gent and Edinburgh, and compared the things we have learnt, and those conversations definitely motivated us all to look forward even more towards the third semester. But before the third semester, comes of course the second!


Already the first day at the LTH (Lunds tekniska högskola – Faculty of Engineering) I was impressed by several things. First of all the politeness of the whole staff – professors, assistants, administrators, coordinators. Everyone was extremely helpful, and had answers to any possible question. After taking a few classes and doing a mini-tour around a few engineering buildings, I figured out that studying conditions are above every expectation, and simply on a world-class level. During the break we also discovered a really good student’s restaurant which will definitely make our lunch-time much nicer! All in all the first impression of the University is just excellent and extremely inspiring for doing some serious studying and living a nice student life!


The one thing that Lund student’s are famous for are the student’s ’’Nations’’. Those are some sort of student’s ’’fraternities’’, and they organize various student’s activities, from brunches and dinners to amazing parties, student excursions, sport sessions and many more things! We obviously became members and already had some nice gatherings and met some more interesting people from different nationalities. Seems like student’s life in Lund won’t be boring at all!



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