Semester break in Serbia

As the tough semester has passed, I unfortunately had only one day to jump around Gent, say goodbye to my friends and the city itself. But already the next day I found myself in my favorite city on earth, my Belgrade! A perfect place for taking a rest after a lot of studying, and for charging the batteries for the next semester!

I was lucky to arrive just on time for the biggest student costume ball in Serbia, the famous ’’KST Maskenbal’’, and almost directly from airport I headed there. This incredible manifestation is being held for 47 consecutive years, and really represents one of the things that many students are anticipating throughout the whole year! This is me and my cousin at the costume ball 2015, as an Arab sheik and Ned Flanders from the Simpsons 🙂


Spending time with my family and my close friends also took me quite some time, but the thing that probably made me happy the most was my mother’s famous Rastafarian cake 😉. No words are needed, the photo will say it all. And my mom will be happy to prepare it for all my friends that visit me in Serbia in the future!


Belgrade has always been famous for cold winters, so it didn’t disappoint this year either. For around two weeks we had temperatures around -20 degrees Celsius, so preparing for moving to Sweden wasn’t hard at all. When the temperatures started growing finally, and the snow started to melt, Belgrade showed it’s nicest side with amazing sceneries all around the city.


Unfortunately, cold weather brings flu epidemics, so for the most of my ‘’vacation’’ time I was just laying in the bed, and couldn’t do too much, but when the weather gets better, and I go to Serbia again, I will certainly dedicate a special blog to my country and my hometown!



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