See you soon,Edinburgh!

Visiting new places allows you to know more about culture and its features. In this blog I am going to mention things that were new and unusual for me when I just arrived in Edinburgh. The first thing was the way Edinburgh is pronounced: before coming, I did not know that instead of E-din-burg it should be E-din-bruh. What a discovery, I would say! The second was getting used to the left-hand side traffic: looking to the right first when you cross the roads and taking a bus in the proper direction. Also, I should mention that in Edinburgh I learned to cross the roads on red light, as hardly anyone follows the traffic lights. In my country, you should only cross on the green light, check both directions, and look up also, just in case, to ensure that you are completely safe. So I need to get rid of that habit when I go home. Seeing two separate taps for hot and cold water in bathrooms was one more unusual thing for me. I should say that it was hard to adjust the temperature of water, as water was either freezing cold or boiling hot. I was curious why they have two tabs instead of one, and found out that the reason behind is associated with houses built after World War II which had a cold water tank in the attic that fed the hot water tank. It was considered that water in cold tank can be easily contaminated and is not appropriate for drinking. The presence of mixer tap could have caused contamination of whole system with hot water in case of valve failure. This can explain why there are two separate taps for cold and hot water.

Even though some things were unusual and strange for me, Edinburgh conquered me with its beautiful nature, majestic architecture, nice weather and friendly people. I can assure you that it is one of the must-see cities, as it has such an unique spirit. For example, by visiting magnificent Edinbugh castle sitting on the volcanic crag and walking on the Royal Mile located in the heart of Old Town, you can be transported back in medieval times and vividly imagine knights with their swords and ladies in elegant dresses passing you by. The city offers you a wide range of activities from visiting museums and galleries to just spending a good time in a cafe or bar. Also, it is a home to various festivals such as Edinburgh Festival Fringe-largest art festival- and Hogmanay -Scottish new year festival. In such a short time, it has become like second home to us, so thank you, Edinburgh, for being such a nice place to stay in and for enabling to meet rather wonderful people! I hope that I will come back sometime, so I would say see you soon, Edinburgh!  img_20160925_013418



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