A chance to see London

Unfortunately, unlike my friends, I need a visa almost to all countries in the world. Sweden is not an exception, and I cannot enter it without a residence permit card. As the nearest Swedish embassy is in London, I needed to go there to submit my biometrics. But, I am not complaining in this case since that was a great chance to visit the capital of Great Britain.

As I took the train, the first place I visited after I had arrived was the famous Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross Station. Even though there was a huge line, as a Harry Potter fan, I stood till the end, and you can see my happy face from the photo below.


I went there only for 2 days, so I had a mission to see the top attractions of London in such short amount of time. I decided to see the symbol of London-Elizabeth tower or simply Big Ben-first, and on my way there I bumped into 2 kazakh girls who came to enjoy this beautiful city too. What a small world we live in…

After visiting the Swedish embassy, I headed to 221B Baker street, where a museum of Sherlock Holmes is located now. Even though the museum was not as good as I had expected, I could not miss it, since I am Sherlocked, as some of you might too. Then, I went to Russel square, a small garden near the British museum. You might think why I decided to go there,as it does not seem to be a must see place in London. However, for me it was, because during my undergraduate we were given a project to develop a design of underground car park underneath Russel square. You may wonder why garden square in London was selected for a project to the students in Kazakhstan, country in Central Asia. I have no idea too, but at that time I thought that if I ever go to London, I will definitely visit that place. I found out later that one scene from the first episode of Sherlock was shot in Russel square too.

Coming from a small town with population of just over 140,000, London amazed me with its grand size, busyness, and a large number of tourists. It should not be surprising though, as it is one of the world’s leading tourism destinations: in 2015, a record number of 31.5 million people visited the Britain’s capital city.

London looked even more beautiful at the time of my visit with all twinkling Chritmas lights and decorations.It may sound a bit cheesy, but I was very happy to visit London, as it was one of the things to do on my wish list. I truly was, and I am really thankful to IMFSE programme for giving an unique opportunity to turn our dreams into reality.





2 thoughts on “A chance to see London

  1. Wow, it’s like I’m the one writing the story (in an alternate universe).. well apart from the russel square project part. You took a page from my wish list really.
    Lucky you. I hope you’ll get to do all the things you dream about because that would mean that everything is possible and who knows, maybe I’ll get my chance too.


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