Hogmanay, New Year and Goodbyes

After a year and half we spent together, it is time to say goodbye to my best friends in this program. Me, Nemer, Pasquale, Max and Ain started from Ghent and stayed all the way together till our third semester in Edinburgh.

We finished our exams on the 21 st of December, we decided to extend our stay in Eduibrugh to hang out together and attend the great events of Hogmanay. Also, Pasquale`s mother decided to come to visit us during the holidays and enjoy the celebrations in Edinburgh. We started our holidays with an amazing dinner on the 25th of December, Pasquale`s mother cooked the famous Italian Pasta with meat and cheese, it looks amazing in the picture but it is beyond amazing when you eat it !!! She even brought all the ingredients from the ancient city of Napoli where Pasquale comes from.


On the 30th of December, we joined the spectacular Torch Light procession which is one of the main events in the Hogmanay celebrations.


During the celebration, the four of us carried a torch for charity and help to create a river of fire through Edinburgh’s city center, witness the lighting of the bonfire and fire elements followed by a stunning sound and light show and fire works finale which is visible from multiple points across the city.Here are some pictures from the event yesterday:

After that, we all went to say goodbye to Pasquale’s mother and Pasquale himself as they are going to travel back to Italy for vacation. This is only sad part of the IMFSE, at some point we need to say goodbye to the people that became our best friends in a short period, people who supported us, laughed with us and even built our dreams together for a stunning future for everyone. It was a sad moment to say goodbye to Pasquale after this year and half, however, we knew we are going to see each other soon in Lund for the fire safety day in February. Here is our last picture together:




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