The most beautiful exam venue

One of our Christmas exams was held at the Playfair library. I must admit I have never had an exam in such a beautiful place before.

Playfair library can be considered as the treasure of Old College.It is named in the honour of William Playfair, who was one of the prominent Scottish architects of the 19th century. The National Gallery of Scotland and the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh were designed by William Playfair in the style of neoclassicism. He has also contributed to the architecture of Old College.  As you can see from the photo below, the major features of the library are vaulted ceiling and classical columns. It functioned as a library from 1820s until 1960s, when the Main Library on George Square was opened. Currently, the venue is used  to host dinners, receptions and prestigious lectures.


Other students told me that exams at the Playfair library tend to be complicated, so if you are going to have an exam there next time, you should study harder for that course.Since it was the last exam, we decided to celebrate the end of the first semester by having a haggis which is a traditional Scottish meal made from sheep’s liver, lungs and heart, oatmeal, onion, suet and seasoning. It is traditionally cooked in a sheep’s stomach and served with ‘neeps’n’tatties’-mashed swede and potatoes. Haggis can be served differently, for instance, I had haggis inside chicken with potatoes and carrots as sides. Although the description might not sound appealing, haggis is really delicious.



The first semester has already finished, and I hope that we all did well on our exams. Now, it is time to relax, spend some time with family if you can, and gain strength for the next semester. Enjoy the holidays, my IMFSE friends!


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