Dinant adventure


When I first started the program, I picture myself studying hard during the week, and enjoying Belgium in the weekend. However, this is not always possible because we have so many things to learn in such a short amount of time that sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to become the Fire Safety Engineers that science deserves.

Yet, back in November 14th I decided to go in the last big adventure before the exam period started. I present to you: Dinant adventure.

Everythmr-saxing started when my Salvadorian friend told me she wanted to come and visit for the weekend, so I was truly looking on how to impress her and I found that Dinant was an excellent place to do so. Dinant is a small city located in Namur (also in Wallonia, as Liege!) the whole city is crossed by the Meuse River (if you remember from my last blog, this is the river that crosses Liege as well) The small city is best known for its gorgeous citadel and for Mr. Antoine-Joseph Sax (Mr. Sax) the inventor of well… you can guess… The saxophone in 1846! Well done Belgium!  (Here is more info about it in case you want to know more)

Dinant is 4 hours away from Brussels if you go by train, so it’s a little hard to reach, however it has many wonders, as “La grotte la marveilleuse” that is a truly amazing place with nature wonders. You can go in guided tours where they will explain you the different rock formations in French, Dutch and English. You can spend 1 hour in the cave and afterwards identify the difference between stalagmite and stalactite in the same picture.

After visiting the cave, it was time to go to the major attraction: La citadel de Dinant. The funny thing is that we saw the scalier of the photo below, we got so scared of them that we thought we were not going to make it. Luckily for us, there was a funicular available for a reasonable additional fee, so we took it. At the top, you can join the guided tour however, you must choose the hour correctly as they’re divided by language and the most frequent one is given in french. We joined the french tour and got to practice a little bit it (bonus point!) during the tour you can have a glimpse over how the soldiers lived in the citadel and the history of war to take over Dinant.

Needless to say, my friend was impressed 🙂

If you want to visit Dinant, click here and you can find the major attractions of the city.


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