Sports and activities

According to the recent scientific researches, practicing sports and body activities will highly influence the studying performance. Being a student at the IMFSE you will be studying in three of the best universities in Europe and of course that means you will have access to many sports facilities. In this blog, I will present some valuable information for those who fancy doing sports during the semester time.

Ghent University:

Ghent University has an amazing Sports center, with five indoor facilities, swimming pool and sauna. In this center you can play any of the following sports:

  • Handball
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Basketball
  • Tennis/table tennis
  • Karate…etc.

There are also many other activities that you can do there; for example Body & Mind and Yoga classes.

If you are interested to go to the gym, it is also available at the university sports center. Yet, I would also recommend that you can check the gymnasiums available in the city itself, there are many of them and you can get really good price with your student card.

More information about gent university sporting center is available here

Lund University:

When you are in Lund you can also do sports, there are many facilities available in the student nations, student associations and some local sports clubs.

There is also a very nice gymnasium with a big indoor swimming pool available at Delphi, to get good price ask about the plans they offer and the student discounts.


Delphi`s gymnasium from outside


At the spring time, it will be amazing to gather together and play some football. We did so last semester and here is a photo for us playing football at the football pitch behind Delphi:


The fire department at Lund University will organize a football tournament and every year the IMFSE students participate in it. We made a team of seven players and we played six matches against the local students. Keep in mind that it will be better to play with football`s shoes as the tournament takes place in an outdoor grace pitch not indoor.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has a very big sports facility, there you can almost do all kind of sports and they have got a 25 meters swimming pool. The best thing is the price; it is around hundred pounds for one semester.

More information can be found here.

More activities are available in the three universities and I highly recommend attending the orientation days as most of the students unions will offer you brochures with their activities which can include hiking, climbing and even skydiving.

If you prefer to go for long runs, the three cities are awesome places to do so. Just put your sports shoes on, go out and run!. The three cities has many landscapes to offer you !


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