Inside Belgium: Liége

A few weeks ago, I got the share with you my experience exploring Ghent, this time is the turn for another beautiful city in Belgium: Liége.

Liége is placed in Wallonia, the francophone region of Belgium. It has direct access to the Meuse River and just by looking at their bridges, their train station and bold architecture you can see their unstoppable growth. At first, I thought everyone was over reacting about the beauty of the train station, so I decided to not look at any pictures beforehand and make my own criteria. It really took me by surprise how incredible it actually is.

The Guillemins train station is a real piece of art designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and its part of the high-velocity train network of Europe; you can be in Paris in just 2h15 if you take a high velocity train from there! Oh! and its warm inside so you can wait your train without freezing in winter, its great!

If you’re going to Liége you must walk through all the city. We walked and visit the main places in approximately 4 hours, so a day trip is doable. You could start walking from the train station to the “Parc de la Boverie” where you can walk and relax in a peaceful ambient surrounded by trees and animals. You can also cross 2 gorgeous bridges and get to another park (yes, a lot of vegetation in Liége!) if you’re there in October you will find a huge fair with lots of food and kids having fun with their parents. In the fair, that you can picture it as a mini amusement park, you can find the famous “lacquemant” that is basically heaven in form of a thin waffle with a caramel-like syrup inside, it’s delicious! (Hint: go to Liége in October!!)

And well, I cannot leave aside the very well-known and bucket-list inspiring place for many adventurous people out there: “La Montagne de Beuren”

As you can see in the pictures, La Montagne de Beuren is actually not a mountain but a staircase with a 28° slope. Here you will have 374 steps to convince yourself that it’s a very good idea to exercise more than “once in a while”. When you conquer the mountain, you will have fresh air and a beautiful view of the city, it’s totally worth it! afterwards you can walk down the mountain through a park that leads you to the other side of the city where you can walk around and enjoy the view.

I could keep talking about Liége because is a great city with a lot to offer, however I want to seize the moment to send a special message to the whole IMFSE team, as right now we’re facing the examination period.

Remember that nothing is product of “luck” we have to earn our own success. This is the moment to prove ourselves that we are capable of reaching any goal if we truly commit to it.

Just keep going guys! you’re doing great! 


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