Exploring Gent




Last week, I wrote about why Belgium is so great if you’re looking for the balance between studies and travel. This time, I’ll write a little about how I explored Gent for the first time.

I’ve been in Belgium since mid-September, but in between all the accommodation arrangements and the start of classes, I didn’t had time to actually visit the beautiful city I was living it, so last 8 of October I decided it was time to actually visit Gent.

I made a little google search of what were the most iconic places to visit in a one-day-trip to Gent, so the goal was to reach as many of those places I could. I started by the train station and then walked 15-20 minutes until reaching the Citadel Park. There, I could see trees starting to turn yellow, that was particularly exciting for me as I come from El Salvador and we don’t experiment autumn, just summer and winter, so at that point I was amazed by nature.graslei

Gent is not a big city, so you can walk all the way to the city center, and so we did. At the beginning of October, the weather was still nice and perfect to get a drink at a patio cafe looking directly to the Graslei. There you can see its old buildings and people everywhere with smiles on their faces just having fun on a weekend! Here is a picture of the lovely view!

Once coffee time was over, it was the moment to visit the castle of the counts – Gravensteen, located in the city center so it’s easy to reach. This castle is special because it has been reconstructed but without losing its medieval spirit, it even has a guillotine inside and raw explanation of torture devices of the medieval era.

If you come to Gent, you must enjoy every corner of history available in your free time. You can climb the Belfry tower and get an explanation on how bells are made or visit St Bavo’s Cathedral and look at the world-famous “Adoration of the mystic lamb” painting. There are also free guided tours you can book.

If you want to know a little bit more on the main places to visit in Gent click here ! there’s a complete list and prices so you can plan your travel budget. See you next time!




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