Study hard,but…

During the last couple of weeks, we were quite busy with our assignments. However, we also took part in a number of social activities.

One of them was visiting the Museum of Fire housed in the former fire station at Lauriston Place. We had an informative guided tour through which we discovered prominent firefighting history of the city of Edinburgh. For instance, did you know that in 1824 the world’s first municipal fire brigade was formed in Edinburgh?

The museum transported us back in time with variety of firefighting appliances from the late 19th and 20th centuries including hand operated fire pumps and steam fire engines. From the photo below, you may see the oldest motor engine, the Halley Fire Engine, which was bought by Leith fire brigade in 1910. Historic documents such as logbooks, incident reports, and photographs can also be found at the museum. However, recently the building has been sold despite of a large campaign to save the historic fire museum at Lauriston place. So, if you are interested, you have a last chance to visit the museum in its original home. I hope that the museum will find a new home because the collection is truly unique, and it shows Edinburgh’s significant role in the history of fire and rescue.


A few weeks ago, Pasquale and Wuquan finally found a place to stay after two months of searching. So, we were invited for a Chinese-Italian dinner to celebrate this huge event. However, not everything was as simple as it might seem because I had a difficulty in finding their place. Unfortunately, I was late because of that and missed couple of Chinese dishes including chicken broccoli and mushroom, spicy strip and fried potato strip, but I came right on time for Italian pasta al forno. That was not the end of dinner though, since chef Wuquan demonstrated us his exceptional culinary skills by cooking several more Chinese dishes including coca-cola chicken wings, mussel steamed egg, and vegetable dumplings. So, we had one more delicious gastronomic adventure right in the heart of Edinburgh.

dishes.jpgAnd last, current PhD students organized Fire BBQ at the university campus. Although the weather was a bit cold, we had a good time while enjoying our burgers.


To conclude, sometimes it might be hard to find a balance between academics and social life, but it is definitely a must-have skill for overall well-being. So, let’s study hard, party harder, and get enough sleep my IMFSE friends!






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