First week of the IMFSE adventure

After months of impatience and excitement, I finally find myself in Gent, where I am starting off my 2 years long academic adventure called International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering.

I arrived to Gent some days before the beginning of the academic year. Just after the first tour around the city, it came clear to me that this city has much more to offer than just an excellent university. The medieval fortress, astonishing cathedrals, beautiful parks, a romantic lake and channels, in a combination with amazing architecture – just left me speechless. If you add the number of 70.000 students to this magnificent scenery, you can easily get to a conclusion that this city could be one of the best student cities in the World!

I have to admit I might have been a bit afraid of how the first classes would go, how I would react in completely new surroundings, listening to lecturers teaching demanding subjects in English, or how it would look like to work together with colleagues coming from all around the World and with different cultural backgrounds than my own. Fortunately, it didn’t last long before it was obvious that the upcoming two years will be nothing but enjoyable and inspiring.

The lecturers, both the experienced ones, as the ones just starting their careers, are enormously dedicated to their jobs and the relationship with the students. They constantly ask for feedback in order to improve themselves. Moreover, they are giving their best in order to make sure a student comprehends the matter completely and, most importantly, they show respect to us and treat us like equals.

And the last but not the least – my colleagues turned out to be just as great as I hoped they would be – open-minded, utterly selfless and willing to help you out in any possible way; pleasant for discussions and, after a busy day at the Faculty, always up for hanging out and having fun together.

All in all, this semester has started just perfectly, and I am sure it will continue in the same way!



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