Our Trip To Iceland


Our third semester started a couple of weeks ago; we are all back together with also the new students of the first year. This semester, Pasquale, Max, Nemer, Ain and myself are going to start a new adventure at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. As we did last semester in Lund and organized a trip to Lithuania in the beginning of the semester; this time we organized a trip to the beautiful Iceland. It all started when Nemer checked the tickets` prices and found the ticket to Reykjavik to be fair enough. Habib, the first year student decided to join us in this trip and he was so interested to explore Iceland with his new friends. My role was to make the plan of the trip, as we had only 5 days in total; I decided to make a crazy plan to travel all around Iceland in just these 5 days. We rent a car at the airport in Reykjavik and started our journey. First day, the plan was to spend it around Reykjavik, try some local food and to be honest to get used to drive in Iceland!! Habib`s role was to use Google maps in his phone and guide the driver, while Pasqual’s role was to decide the food and drive at night. Iceland was amazing; we saw almost everything over there and did all the widely known stops as Vik, Hofen, famous waterfalls and WE SAW THE NORTHEN LIGHTS!!! HOORAY!!. Yes, we did it; we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights. Here you can find a picture for us while the Northern Lights appears clearly in the sky!!.


I also started my new hobby to take the IMFSE T-shirt with me in every trip and take pictures for it. Here you can find my first trial of the t-shirt`s pictures in Iceland, the picture was taken in one of the famous black beaches of Iceland .


Next article, I will talk into more details about our trip to Iceland and how we managed to do it with our student budget and also many other photos for the trip !


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