The second year is about to start

On the 7th of September, I got to Edinburgh. The big problem of Edinburgh is the accommodation, it is really hard to find. Indeed a friend of mine is hosting me until I get a place where to stay.
Only few of IMFSE students are already here in Edinburgh, but soon everyone will be here. And almost everyone is homeless. Unfortunately we did not get the class schedule yet, hopefully it will not be as busy as the Ghent one. 
The city of Edinburgh looks really nice, now I understand why all the other students, who were here, fell in love with the city. Edinburgh is literally full of international students, since there are at least 4 different university over here. 
When all the IMFSE class is in Edinburgh, we will organize a big dinner together. So that we will finally get to know each other. Probably I will not see those first year students anymore after these three months, since I will be the whole year here in Edinburgh while they will move to Sweden. 
Yesterday there was the graduation ceremony in Ghent for the “old” students. I am sure it has been an incredible day. Congratulations to them, I wish them all the best for their future. And I really hope I will meet them again because I am sure I will miss them. 


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