The end of summer vacation

The end of our summer vacation is getting closer and closer. Many of us are already either in Ghent or Edinburgh, looking for accommodation or settling in. In Ghent most of the students will be living in student homes, while in Edinburgh those are very expensive, so it is better to find private accommodation. That’s why many students go to Edinburgh in the beginning of September.

The start of the semester means also that the students who are one year ahead of us are graduating. The ceremony is held in Ghent and all of us are invited as well. Unfortunately I could not attend the ceremony, but many of my classmates will. It’s a great occasion to see everybody again one last time.

I will be moving to Ghent in about 10 days, so I still get to enjoy the company of family and friends for a bit, even though many of my friends have already left to go back to work or university. Also, I’m getting in as much sun and warm weather as I can, since I’ll be going to Belgium for my third semester and then to Edinburgh to work on my thesis. Hopefully I’ll find some nice weather over there as well!

Here is one last picture of the gorgeous view I’ve had this summer!



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