Reunion in Brussels 

The summer is almost over. It means that our second year is about to start. For all of those who live outside of Europe, it is time to leave their home and come back over here. This is what happened the last week. David from Ecuador, Mohammed from Egypt and Max from China came to visit Andres and I in Brussels. 

We spent the whole weekend all together. On Friday night Max, David and I had dinner together, eating the Chinese noodles cooked by Max. After having dinner, we were going to the center for a beer. But on the way to the center, we stumbled across an empty basketball court with a ball that we could use. So we started playing, after 20 minutes we ended up playing against three Belgian guys and of course we won! At the end of the game, we were not able to go to a bar, our legs were hurting too much. For this reason, we decided to go back home hoping that all the pain would be gone the day after.
Of course the day after, we were not able to walk at all so we just spent some time together at night. The day after Mohammed, Andres and his girlfriend got to Brussels, so we met up all together and went for a wander in the center. 
Here are pictures of us spending time together in the main square of the city.


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