The preparation for graduation

As a part of the programme we all have to present our work during the thesis in the graduation ceremony which takes place in September each year. This year we have the graduation day on Friday 9th of September.

All students who finished successfully their thesis are preparing their presentations for the day and also working on a poster they have to present. Students who are not able to attend the ceremony in person will send a video for themselves presenting the thesis and will be available on Skype for the poster.

The graduation day starts at 9.30 in the morning and lasts till 11 in the night. It is not only an academic event, but it also consists of many activities like lunch, a tour, and dinner.

In the morning we have opening speeches, then each student has 10 minutes to present his work to the audience. After lunch, we continue the presentations then we move to the poster session when each student shows his thesis results on a poster.

After the presentations and the poster session, we are all officially graduated so we have the proclamation followed by some speeches by a professor, an alumni member, and by student representatives. After all, we take some memorial pictures then we start the tour in the city to finish the day with a dinner.

The event is not only for IMFSE students. All family members, friends, and interested people can attend this day by registering through the link available on IMFSE website. The registration can be done for the full day or for half of it only.




Last week of holiday

 It has been almost three weeks that I am on holiday. I spent the whole holiday at home, enjoying the sunny days and time with my family.
From the 8th of August on, I will be in Brussels again for the internship. The last three weeks of my internship are left. Meanwhile I am getting ready to start the third semester in Edinburgh. Looking for accommodation in Edinburgh is not easy at all, because there is no possibility to rent university accommodation and it’s also easy to get scammed via internet. For this reason, I am moving to Edinburgh at the end of August.
During the last weekend, even if Max and his mum had issues with the documents, they managed to come to visit me in Naples. Unfortunately we have not been able to spend a lot of time together, because I am leaving on the 6th of August. I did my best to be a good guide and to show them all the nice places of my land. I took them to Naples, where we ate REAL pizza. We went to one of the oldest pizzeria’s of the city. They loved it!
We all had a really nice time together. One day he will be my guide in China (hopefully).
Here is a picture of my city.